The Iraqi government continues the inhuman siege on Camp Liberty, near Baghdad, where 3,000 Iranian refugees are residing, among them 1,000 women. It is now seven days that agents of the Iraqi Prime Ministry Office are preventing food supply purchased by the residents from entering the camp. Camp Liberty lacks the proper facilities to store food, and thus the residents’ food stores are fast depleting, and the situation will soon develop into a crisis. 

Preventing food supplies from entering the camp is the Iraqi government’s new tactic to persecute and harass the residents. These measures are carried out by the special agents of the Iraqi Prime Ministry, including Major Ahmed Khodair, who was directly involved in the massacre and abduction of Camp Ashraf residents on September 1, 2013 and April 8, 2011, and is responsible for the inhuman medical siege against PMOI members in Iraq.

The inhuman measures of the Iraqi government against the residents of Camp Liberty are the pretext for the violation of all international laws. The residents of Camp Liberty call on United Nations and United States to act according to their obligations for the safety and well-being of the residents, to remove from the camp the criminals involved in the torture and murder of the residents, and to force the Iraqi government to end the inhuman siege on Camp Liberty.

I once again request that you resume your invaluable and effective activities to help lift the inhumane siege that the Iraqi government is imposing on Camp Liberty residents. By sending emails and Tweets to UNAMI and US Embassy in Baghdad, remind them of their legal and moral obligations for the safety, security and well-being of the residents and urge them to intervene and prevent the Iraqi government from carrying out inhuman measures against the residents of Camp Liberty.