Source: Avvenire – Dec. 20, 2013 (Translated from Italian)
Rome. 320 Italian parliamentarians from various political parties, signed a bipartisan statement in which they condemned “the unabated human rights violations perpetrated by current Iranian government.”

They demanded to shed light on the attack on members of exiled Iranian Resistance in Camp Ashraf refugee camp (Iraq) carried out two months ago, during which 52 people slaughtered, 7 abducted including 6 women, and they demanded that security of 3.000 Iranian dissidents residing in Camp Liberty, Iraq, be guaranteed.

Taking into consideration “dire condition of Iranian dissidents in Iraq”, the statement said “parliamentarians demand” Italian Government, EU, U.S.A. and UN to take adequate actions “for releasing 7 hostagese, provide security for Camp Liberty, by stationing permanently a UN Blue Helmets force.”

Italian parliamentarian expressed also their concern that, after latest presidential election and since 100 days that Rouhani took office “there are no tangible changes in the regime”.

“Indeed, during this period of time, they emphasize, 320 people were hanged and human rights situation is deteriorating”, and nuclear projects are expedited.

Therefore, the statement ends, “we support ‘Ten points plan’ announced by Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of Iranian Resistance who visited Rome yesterday, for a democratic and non-religious Iran.