Ask the UN to Inspect Sharaf Prison in Baghdad’s Green Zone and Visit the 7 Hostages Now

A video showing inside of Sharaf prison, which is a torture chamber under the command of Maliki. Now seven Ashraf hostages are kept in this notorious prison under torture. Ghasem Soleimani, commander of the terrorist Quds force, frequents this prison. Here is the link to the video.

Time is running out – US and UN must take action


It is now 27 days that the 7 Ashraf hostages are in the custody of Maliki’s savage forces – 27 days of unimaginable torture and torment. It is also 27 days that hunger strikers in camp Liberty and across the world are calling on US and UN to stand up to their obligations and put pressure on Maliki to free the seven hostages. Yet so far, no action has been taken.

The Iranian resistance has obtained reliable information from inside Iran, revealing the exact location of hostages to be Sharaf prison, in Baghdad Green Zone.

The Iraqi government intends to extradite them to Iran, where they’ll be further tortured and executed. The United States and United Nations are directly responsible for anything that happens to them and must intervene immediately to free them from the clutches of Maliki before the worst comes to pass.

Camp Liberty Hunger Strike – Day 27

Camp Liberty Hunger Strike - Day 27
Camp Liberty Hunger Strike – Day 27

Today was 26th day of Liberty residents’ hunger strike. In last few days in addition to headaches and vertigo and weaknesses, there have been 4 cases of heart pains. Also today 6 people were taken to Iraqi doctors at the camp’s clinic for vision problems. It is worth noting that so far 200 of the hunger strikers have referred to camp’s clinic. 

One of medical personnel of Liberty residents said, “I come here every day to check the hunger strikers and I do my utmost efforts to take care of them, but unfortunately the condition is becoming worse every day.”

The father of one of the September 1 massacre victims said, “My son who was only 28 was killed in Ashraf. His mother and his uncles were already killed by the Iranian regime… We prefer to lose our life in hunger strike rather than be killed handcuffed and shot in the head in Liberty by Maliki’s forces”.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby Prays for Release of Ashrafi Hostages

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby
Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

Anglican Communion News Service, 23 Sep 2013 – Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest ranking religious figure in England, in his weekly sermon prayed for the release of Ashraf’s seven hostages.

I have been reminded of this by the stories from Camp Ashraf in Iraq. Until recently it was a refugee camp holding members of the Iranian opposition, among others. Conditions have been very bad. In the very recent past it was raided, a significant number of people were killed and a number of others disappeared into captivity. It’s a form of terror that is calculated to undermine the morale of those close to the people who disappear. Circumstances in wars are never simple; Camp Ashraf has a very controversial history. But that is not the point. Justice is always transparent; the use of kidnap and absence of due process is always obscure. Hostages go into the darkness so that fear spreads among their friends and families.

So make this a week of prayer for hostages, remembering especially those from Camp Ashraf and those in Syria – and the people of Nairobi. We cannot pretend to understand all the complexities of the situation. But we know that such acts of hostage-taking, kidnapping or extra-judicial killing are always wrong.

On 26th day, hunger strikers in camp Liberty demand the immediate release of 7 hostages

Today is the 26th day of the Liberty residents’ hunger strike. Due to heart and digestive problems and other illnesses related to the hunger strike, 7 of the hunger striker women were taken to the camp’s clinic under the supervision of Iraqi physicians. It is worth noting that to this date 188 hunger strikers have gone to the Iraqi clinic at Camp Liberty for physical problems stemming from the hunger strike.

camp Liberty hunger strike - day 26
camp Liberty hunger strike – day 26

In a letter to Senator Menendez, one of the hunger strikers wrote , “I am an engineer with a master’s degree from Virginia University and I am currently on hunger strike in Camp Liberty…. Our main focus is on the release of the hostages. This issue is being delayed because with every second that passes the possibility that they will be returned to the vicious Iranian regime increases… Everyone knows that Iraqi forces have these hostages in their custody… However, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki denies this. This is very horrible and it means that he wants to extradite the hostages to Iran. The question us now is why are UN and US government remaining silent about crimes of Iraqi government? 52 of our relatives and best friends who we lived with for years lost their lives in this crime and 7 others remain as prisoners in the hands of the criminals. We will do anything for the release of these hostages and bringing these criminals to justice, even if the price is our own lives.”

Don’t let Maliki Extradite 7 Ashraf Hostages to Iran

7 Ashraf residents, taken hostage by Iraqi forces on September 1st, have been missing for 26 days. According to information from inside the mullahs’ regime, the hostages, previously held in the prisons of Maliki’s “Dirty Division”, have been transferred to a prison known as Sharaf located in Baghdad’s Green Zone area, behind the office of the Iraqi Prime Minister.

Sharaf prison is a notorious prison that belongs to Maliki’s counter-terrorism apparatus in which Qods forces agents have an active role.

To complete his deceitful plot, Maliki has made the arrangements to have a team from the UN inspect the “Dirty Division” prison after the hostages were transferred.


The Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest ranking religious figure in England, in his weekly sermon prayed for the release of Ashraf’s seven hostages and called for a week of prayer for hostages, remembering especially those from Camp Ashraf and those in Syria – and the people of Nairobi. He said, “In the very recent past it [camp Ashraf] was raided, a significant number of people were killed and a number of others disappeared into captivity.”

Also, in an international conference held in Geneva, former French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner stressed that America must urge Iraq to release the seven hostages taken captive during the Camp Ashraf massacre.

In his speech, he said, “If the Americans have some honor, they would require that the seven hostages, six women and coincidentally a man, be released and certainly not given to Iran because this would then be the ultimate contradiction.

“So allowing the prime minister installed by the Americans act on behalf of Iraq to kill and deliver people protected by UN, I think it would be a rare and massive stupidity committed by humans.”

The residents of camp Liberty remind the United States and the United Nations of their direct responsibility to protect the residents in Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty and demand for their immediate intervention to visit the hostages, prevent their extradition to the clerical regime in Iran, and secure their release. They also call on human rights activists to join the worldwide campaign for the release of the hostages and to rescue them from brutal torture by Maliki’s henchmen.

Daughter calls US Ambassador in Iraq to save her abducted mother

Shahabeh Barooti, whose mother was abducted by Iraqi government during the September 1 attack on camp Ashraf, has written a letter to US ambassador in Iraq to put pressure on Maliki to release her mother, and she asked “Camp Ashraf Massacre” to post her letter for public attention. Following is her letter

Shahabeh Barooti, resident of camp Liberty
Shahabeh Barooti, resident of camp Liberty

Dear Ambassador Beecroft

It is now September 25th and I still have no confirmation of my mother’s location from the US Embassy in Iraq or about seeing her.

You will have seen UN’s statement and my worries are also related to theirs “As three weeks have now passed, the Office reiterated its call on the Government to do its utmost to shed light on exactly what happened on 1 September“.

I hope the delay in revealing conditions of the 7 hostages does not have to mean as family members we should have to imagine them being forced back to Iran.

My mother also had refugee status in France other than being given protected person card by US Army in 2003. I am sure you find it important, as her only child, to be directly informed of what progress has been made with the Iraqi government to declare their full and safe release.

Iraqi government is holding them and you should press them hard to release my mother and other hostages.


Shahabeh Barooti

Camp Liberty, Iraq

September 25, 2013

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