Influence of the opposition, particularly the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). The Iranian regime has employed numerous methods to suppress the MEK and its supporters, including torture, imprisonment, and execution.

One of the most notorious tactics used by the regime was the 1988 massacre of over 30,000 political prisoners, mostly MEK members and supporters, based on a fatwa issued by the regime’s founder, Ruhollah Khomeini. The killings were carried out by a so-called “Death Committee,” which included current high-ranking officials in the regime such as the current Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi. The regime has never been held accountable for this heinous crime against humanity.

The regime has also used disinformation campaigns to discredit and demonize the MEK. The regime’s propaganda machine portrays the MEK as a terrorist group and an ally of foreign powers, particularly the United States. This disinformation campaign is aimed at tainting the MEK’s reputation and legitimacy in the eyes of the Iranian people and the international community.

Another tactic the regime employs is using agents and spies to infiltrate and sabotage the MEK. The regime has a network of agents who pose as MEK members and seek to disrupt the organization’s activities from within. In addition, the regime has used assassinations and bombings against MEK members in Iran and abroad.

Despite these brutal tactics, the MEK has persevered and continued to challenge the regime. The MEK has a significant network of supporters and sympathizers inside Iran, and its resistance units have carried out numerous acts of sabotage and protest against the regime.

The regime’s desperation to suppress the MEK is evident in its continued use of violence and repression. The regime sees the MEK as a serious threat to its survival and will resort to any means necessary to eliminate it. However, the MEK’s resilience and determination are a testament to the Iranian people’s desire for freedom and democracy.

In conclusion, the Iranian regime has used brutal tactics to suppress the MEK and its supporters. The regime’s desperation to end or reduce the influence of the opposition highlights the MEK’s significance as a major threat to the regime’s survival. However, the MEK’s resilience and determination in the face of such brutality demonstrate the Iranian people’s unwavering desire for freedom and democracy.