Me, Fariborz and unnamed tombs

by Malik Alavi

The last time I saw him was back in Ashraf in September 2012, embracing me with the same humble face as always. Little did I know that I will never see him again!… Many years ago when I was in high-school in Iran, despite our age differential, he was one of my best friends while he was only 13 or years old. He was my young cousin, Fariborz.

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Be my voice

by Alireza Khalu-kakaie

In the most deserted of prisons, and even in despotic states, a prisoner is granted some rights. First and foremost, he/she enjoys representation by a lawyer, the right to see reporters and meeting his/her family and friends. Here is Camp Liberty, a ransacked and deserted former US military base adjacent to Baghdad International Airport. As a member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and Iranian Resistance, along with thousands of other camp residents, we are deprived of all that. We are even banned from free access to medical services, freedom of movement and any contact with the outside world.

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There is a light at the end of this tunnel

by Azadeh A

I had gone to see one of my friends by the name of Ali Salari. The resident Iraqi physician in a small clinic of Camp Liberty, home to several thousand Iranian dissidents adjacent to Baghdad International Airport, did not allow me into his room and asked me to wait a few more minutes… I had brought some pastries to see him while he was sick. It was a very long time since I had last seen him and I couldn’t wait any longer. I had heard he was diagnosed with cancer, but I hadn’t the slightest clue until just a few months ago. You see, this is how Iranian freedom fighters in Camp Liberty are, meaning despite all their pains and illnesses, they try not show it to cause less worry amongst their colleagues.

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Resistance only path to change in Iran

Now the entire world has reached the necessity of overthrowing the Assad regime. Even in a US Senate hearing there were talks of evicting Iran from Syria and Iraq. An official even said Assad wouldn’t last more than 15 minutes without Iran’s support. As Assad is dependent on Tehran’s support, in your opinion, what do all citizens of the world need?

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Feeble Iran’s Nuclear Talks

Amid news of the latest disclosure by the Iranian opposition NCRI that Iran is forging ties with North Korea over nuclear weapons, U.S. and Iranian diplomats met in Geneva Saturday in an effort to bridge differences over how quickly to lift economic sanctions on Tehran and how significantly the Iranians must open up military facilities to international inspections.

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U.S. policy on Iran is to fail to stop Tehran’s nuclear weapons

U.S. policy on Iran is to fail to stop Tehran’s nuclear weapons program and its support for terrorism in the region. It is incredibly bad judgment to continue to extend the talks going on with Iran as they continue to do exactly the things the world would not want them to be doing. America and the West face a grave choice. We can continue to acquiesce and accommodate Tehran, loosening sanctions, and legitimizing its leadership with diplomatic victories.

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