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The Last Image

She gets hold of her camera and checks the battery; it’s not fully charged. She thinks to herself, for the job I have it should be fully charged, most probably I won’t have access to any electricity.

It might be my last day of filming, she thought; because former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki threatened he would attack Ashraf, home to more than 3000 Iranian dissidents, members of Iranian opposition.

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25 Days illegal detention

Today morning, April 9, number of residents from Camp Liberty, located at the BIAP, Baghdad, that is residency for members of PMOI, participated in a protest. They protested against illegal arrest of one of residents by the name of Safar Zakery and the extension of his detention that is taken hostages by the investigation judge under false pretense.

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Liberty Residents Will Build Tomorrow’s Free and Tolerant Iran

By M. Tamehi


Two weeks ago I went out of my trailer to see a football game, and only meters away one of my crutches went on a large stone on the road and I fell to the ground. I couldn’t move at all and my friends came to my help and took me back to the metal trailer that is scorching hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, making it completely useless. From then on it has been two weeks that I have been stuck in my trailer.

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Iranian regime-like dungeon dubbed “Temporary Transit Location”

By Nasrin Faizi, resident of Camp liberty

I am a former political prisoner of the 1980s in Iran and after ten years I was able to flee the Iranian regime’s dungeons. Many years later when I was in Camp Ashraf in Iraq as a political refugee, we were given promises in 2012 by the United Nations and US government that we were being transferred to a “temporary transit location” ironically called Camp Liberty, where we would be transferred to third countries in the span of six months. All of this turned out to be a hoax and a bunch of lies.

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Taghi Abbasian gave his life to end the suffering of others

A shocking story about Taghi Abassian who has lost his life due to a medical siege on camp Liberty imposed by Iraqi forces, This was posted on ASHCAM and i encourage you to read this story.

The following was written for ASHCAM by Habib Baradaran, a former Ashraf City resident who now lives in Camp Liberty.


I still hadn’t broken my fast when I heard the news of the death of my dear friend Taghi Abbasian in Camp Liberty. I’ll never forget that day. It was 18 September 2014, a grim day if ever there was one. I rushed to the camp’s clinic, my breakfast forgotten.

Camp Liberty, in the proximity of Baghdad’s International Airport, is where 2,800-odd Iranian refugees are living under prison-like conditions imposed by Iraqi forces loyal to former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Iranian regime. Continue reading Taghi Abbasian gave his life to end the suffering of others

Iran Jeopardizes PMOI Refugees By Meddling in Camp Liberty Affairs


The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF) has issued a press release concerning recent baseless misleading remarks by Iraq’s minister of Human Rights, Mahdi al-Bayati, after his meeting with the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Resettlement of Liberty Residents, Mrs Jane Holl-Lute.

The Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty, Iraq, designated as Protected Persons by the United Nations, were made promises by the United Nations and United States, in return for disarming.

The residents of the camp were originally in Camp Ashraf, but they were tricked into relocating to Camp Liberty by UN Special Representative Martin Kobler, who promised them safe passage and protection. Hundreds of the residents have been killed by Iraqi and Iranian operatives over the past few years in attacks inside their camps. Continue reading Iran Jeopardizes PMOI Refugees By Meddling in Camp Liberty Affairs