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Taghi Abbasian gave his life to end the suffering of others

A shocking story about Taghi Abassian who has lost his life due to a medical siege on camp Liberty imposed by Iraqi forces, This was posted on ASHCAM and i encourage you to read this story.

The following was written for ASHCAM by Habib Baradaran, a former Ashraf City resident who now lives in Camp Liberty.


I still hadn’t broken my fast when I heard the news of the death of my dear friend Taghi Abbasian in Camp Liberty. I’ll never forget that day. It was 18 September 2014, a grim day if ever there was one. I rushed to the camp’s clinic, my breakfast forgotten.

Camp Liberty, in the proximity of Baghdad’s International Airport, is where 2,800-odd Iranian refugees are living under prison-like conditions imposed by Iraqi forces loyal to former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and the Iranian regime. Continue reading Taghi Abbasian gave his life to end the suffering of others

Iran Jeopardizes PMOI Refugees By Meddling in Camp Liberty Affairs


The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF) has issued a press release concerning recent baseless misleading remarks by Iraq’s minister of Human Rights, Mahdi al-Bayati, after his meeting with the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Resettlement of Liberty Residents, Mrs Jane Holl-Lute.

The Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty, Iraq, designated as Protected Persons by the United Nations, were made promises by the United Nations and United States, in return for disarming.

The residents of the camp were originally in Camp Ashraf, but they were tricked into relocating to Camp Liberty by UN Special Representative Martin Kobler, who promised them safe passage and protection. Hundreds of the residents have been killed by Iraqi and Iranian operatives over the past few years in attacks inside their camps. Continue reading Iran Jeopardizes PMOI Refugees By Meddling in Camp Liberty Affairs

Patients protest Camp Liberty medical siege, demand UN-US action

Originally published by Canada Free Press


On Wednesday, 26 November 2014, patients in Camp Liberty adjacent to Baghdad International Airport held a rally protesting the medical siege imposed by the Iraqi government on the residents of this camp.

The inhumane medical siege against Iranian dissidents, members of opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in Iraq, continues after the transfer of their protection from the US government to the Iraqi government in early 2009 and with Nouri Maliki – a political ally of the Iranian regime – coming to power in Iraq. To this day 22 of these refugees have lost their lives due to the medical siege imposed by Iraqi forces while many more are facing the threat of death.

Nearly 2,700 Iranian refugees, one third being women, are residing in Camp Liberty. The UNHCR has registered all the camp as refugees and “persons of concern” under international protection. Based on official agreements, the UN and US government have responsibilities over the safety and security of these refugees until their complete resettlement in safe countries. Continue reading Patients protest Camp Liberty medical siege, demand UN-US action



On Wednesday, November 5, lawyer and activist Narges Mohammadi received a summons by branch two of Tehran’s revolutionary court.  She is summoned for interrogation on Saturday November 8 at the “holy martyr prosecutor’s office” located in Tehran’s Evin prison.

On October 30, Ms. Narges Mohammadi at the memorial ceremony of Sattar Beheshti, worker and blogger who was killed two years ago under torture in the regime’s detention center, said: “How is it that the MPs in Majlis (parliament) have tabled the proposal of ‘promotion of virtue and prevention of vice’, whilst Sattar’s mother has been crying over his grave, calling Sattar, Sattar… and no preventer of vice raised any voice so far?”

She also reiterated: “Is there a greater evil than killing innocent people like Sattar Beheshti, like Homa Saber, like Haleh Sahabi, like Neda Agh Sultan, like Sohrab Aerabi, and 1,000 & 1,000 others? Has a society experienced greater evil than this? So why don’t you prevent it? Why do the courts address these killings? Which one of these cases has been resolved?”

Ms. Mohammadi and a number of civil activists also participated in a gathering on October 22 in front of the Iranian regime’s parliament to protest against acid attacks on Iranian women and girls in Isfahan where most acid attacks occurred.  Continue reading IRAN: NARGES MOHAMMADI HAS BEEN SUMMONED TO REVOLUTIONARY COURT IN TEHRAN – VIDEO

World Medical Association Concern Over Iraqi Camp

Published by World Medical Association


(10.11.2014) The World Medical Association has expressed its extreme concern to the Iraqi Prime Minister about “worrying health conditions” in Camp Liberty, the former United States military installation in Baghdad, now being used to house the members of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran who previously resided in Camp Ashraf.

In a letter delivered today to the Prime Minister Hon Dr. Haider al-Abadi, the President of the WMA Dr. Xavier Deau, writes: ‘According to testimonies and reports from human rights organisations the basic rights of the 2700 residents – such as access to physicians and medicine, the confidentiality of physician-patient relationship or the right of patients to have interpreter and accompanying nurses when needed – are frequently violated.  Continue reading World Medical Association Concern Over Iraqi Camp

Breaking News: Justice prevails for Iranian Resistance in France

Justice prevailed; collaboration to demonize defeated; and legitimacy of Iranian Resistance proved

The suppression of Iranian Resistance distracted attentions from real terrorism and offered the best opportunity to the fundamentalists

Yesterday (Tuesday, September 16), the counterterrorism investigative judge of Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office ordered an end to prosecution of an infamous dossier that had been opened 14 years ago against the Iranian Resistance in a deal with the mullahs’ regime and permanently closed the file.

This dossier that started by the absurd allegation of terrorism and financing terrorism, in the absence of any evidence related to terrorism, was diverted to financial charges such as money laundering and fraud. Now, the French judicial system stipulates that there is no evidence for the financial allegations either. As such, despite pumping of false testimonies and fabricated information, the French judiciary confirmed the falseness of all charges that had been brought against the Iranian Resistance. Continue reading Breaking News: Justice prevails for Iranian Resistance in France

UN, EU and US must press Iraq to end callous siege against Iranians in Camp Liberty

The European Iraqi Freedom Association strongly condemned the fuel, food and humanitarian blockade imposed against Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty by the Iraqi government. The statement issued by Struan Stevenson, president of the EIFA, follows.

27 August 2014 – The blockade of Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty near Baghdad continues. The 2,800 refugees, including 800 women, are now completely out of fuel. Generators have shut down. Water pumps are unable to work. Food stored in the refrigerators is now spoiling. Blackwater tanks are overflowing due to the Iraqi government preventing sewage from being removed from the camp.

On Tuesday 26 August 2014, the pumping of water to Camp Liberty stopped, as fuel for the camp’s generators finally ran out. Iraqi government forces have prevented fuel, food and medical supplies from entering the camp since August 16, causing catastrophic problems. The lack of generating capacity means the 2,800 refugees have no electricity, no air conditioning despite 50 degrees centigrade heat and now, no water. This constitutes a crime against humanity perpetrated by the Iraqi government who signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the UN in which they guaranteed to look after the welfare and safety of the camp’s residents. Continue reading UN, EU and US must press Iraq to end callous siege against Iranians in Camp Liberty