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Foreign Policy

 In Rouhani’s government the policy of meddling in other countries and exporting terrorism and fundamentalism has intensified each day.

The US State Department recently reported that the Iranian regime remains a major supporter of terrorism and continues to challenge requests to prove its nuclear ambitions are peaceful. The State Department added that Tehran is pressing its support of Palestinian terrorist groups and strengthening its presence in Africa, and attempting to smuggle weapons to separatists in Yemen and Bahrain. Continue reading

Maryam-Rajavi- 11

Leaders of Iranian and Syrian Opposition Movements meet in Paris

Originally published on Breitbart

On May 23, 2014, Mrs Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran), and Mr Ahmad Jarba, the President of National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary, met in Paris to discuss common goals regarding the struggle of the Syrian and Iranian people for freedom in their respective nations.

Both leaders underscored the detrimental role that the Iranian regime has played in the three-year-long Syrian crisis, which has so far seen the death of 162,000 people, and has spilled more than 3 million refugees into neighbouring countries. Continue reading


The Handshake in Paris that Could Undermine both Syria and Iran

Originally published on History News Network

Dr. Walid Phares is the author of The Lost Spring: US Policy in the Middle East and Catastrophes to Avoid. He advises members of the US Congress and the European Parliament on the Middle East

One single handshake between a man and a woman in Paris may have significant ripple effects across the Middle East and the Arab world; a handshake that should have happened long time ago between leaders of the region’s opposition movements struggling for more pluralistic countries in the region from North Africa to the Levant. Visiting Ms. Mariam Rajavi—the head of the Iranian Council of national resistance, Ahmad al Jarba—the President of the Syrian National Coalition—posed for a picture that will produce earth shattering effects for Damascus and Tehran. The two leaders in the photo represent the largest political opposition forces against the two members of the “Axis of Evil,” the Khomeinist regime of Iran and the Baathist regime of Syria. Commenting on this encounter, the Director of al Arabiya Abdul Rahman al Rashed, wrote: Continue reading


Meeting of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and Mr. Ahmad Jarba in Paris

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of Iranian Resistance met Mr. Ahmad Jarba, the President of National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces in Paris on May 23, afternoon.During the meeting, Mrs. Rajavi condemned the role of religious fascism ruling Iran in the massacre and suppression of Syrian people and the mullahs’ all out support of Bashar al-Assad dictatorship. Mrs. Rajavi called for the international community’s support of the Free Syrian Army and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces as the legitimate representative of Syrian people. Continue reading

IRGC troops in Syria

Iran Admits Its Involvement in Syria

By Shahriar Kia, originally posted in NewsBlaze

Iran training soldiers to fight Assad?

An Iranian MP has admitted Iran has trained thousands of Syrians to become soldiers and has sent thousands more members of Hezbollah to fight for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Mahmoud Nabavian, whose remarks were published in the state-run media, said: “We are not paying the price for Syria, but Syria pays the price for us. Continue reading

US and UN must not Succumb to the Lies of Maliki regarding Ashraf hostages


With nearly a month passing from the savage massacre of camp Ashraf residents, the 7 hostages, who were abducted by the Iraqi forces that carried out the raid, are still missing, and the Iraqi government still refuses to release them and futilely tries to deny having them in its custody.

Protesters, hunger strikers, dignitaries and human rights figures across the world are unanimously calling on the US and UN to stand up to their obligations and put pressure on the Iraqi government to release the hostages.

They are outraged that, while there is ample evidence that the hostages are in the hands of Maliki, the Iraqi government is resorting to a scenario of disinformation to deceive the US, UN and international community into believing that the hostages aren’t in Iraq.

In this regard, Senator Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, wrote a letter to Secretary Kerry, in which he urged him to, “Press Prime Minister Maliki to make every effort to secure theses individuals’ release.”

The United States is responsible for the safety and security of the hostages and must act quickly and effectively to ensure their safe release and their return to camp Liberty.

Camp Liberty Hunger Strike – Day 29

Camp Liberty Hunger Strike - Day 29
Camp Liberty Hunger Strike – Day 29

Today is the 29th day of the Liberty residents’ hunger strike. Today 46 of the hunger strikers suffered from cramps, dizziness, dimness of sight and hearing, and digestive problems. Twelve of them were taken to the Iraqi clinic inside the camp.

While being extremely upset at US government’s inaction, the brother of one of September 1st massacre victims, said, “My brother stayed in Ashraf as guardian of property based on the commitments of UN and US and their assurances about safety of Ashraf, but I lost him and now I have to face the extradition of seven Ashrafi hostages to Iran.” He added, “Our first demand is that a delegation from the US Embassy and the United Nations must immediately visit Sharaf Prison in Baghdad’s Green Zone, behind the Prime Ministry’s office, and the hostages must be released as soon as possible. I will fight for the freedom of the hostages to the end, because Iraqi government is holding them.”


The criminals investigate their own crime

International Criminal Court
International Criminal Court

Nowhere in the world can a crime suspect be involved in that crime’s investigation, let alone assume its responsibility. Yet that is exactly the case regarding the massacre of 52 residents of camp Ashraf on September 1st. Following the heinous crime that Iraqi forces under direct command of Maliki committed in Ashraf, the Government of Iraq decided to deceive the international community by declaring a sham investigation into this crime against humanity.

This masquerade of an investigation was carried out by three officers sent to camp Liberty on behalf of General Jamil al-Semmari, chief of Diyala police and commander of the September 1st massacre in Ashraf, to interrogate the 42 survivors of the massacre, who have been relocated from Ashraf to Camp Liberty.

To what degree can one rely on the results of such an investigation? Is such an undertaking even legitimate?

While the Iraqi government is still torturing seven residents of Ashraf in its dungeons, the goal of this investigation was solely to wipe the blood off Maliki’s hands and set the stage for the further massacres of PMOI members in Camp Liberty.

The attorneys of the residents of camp Liberty have announced that the probe must be carried out by the UN Secretary-General, High Commissioner of Human Rights and/or the Security Council. Nonetheless, to prevent any excuses and allegations of lack of cooperation, one of the eyewitnesses of the Ashraf massacre described his observations of the scenes of the massacre and group executions of the residents by the Iraqi forces for four and a half hours!

Quite predictably, when the residents spoke of the role of police officers and Iraqi officials in this massacre, the so-called investigation team impulsively responded that no one has the right to raise such allegations against government officials or the police.

The residents of camp Liberty are outraged by these bogus and sham investigations and expect Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and High Commissioner Pillay to assume responsibility of the inquiry into the September 1 massacre and mass execution. Also, the US government, which has assumed responsibility regarding the residents’ safety and security, must take this grave crime against humanity to the International Criminal Court through the UN Security Council. Only then can justice be done.

Iran regime & Maliki plot to deceive US UN on seven Camp Ashraf hostages


In reaction to the constant disclosure of information and details by the Iranian resistance, confirming that the seven Ashraf residents taken hostage are still in the hands of Maliki’s forces, the clerical regime and Maliki have resorted to a joint scenario of dissemination and disinformation, aimed at falsely convincing the US and UN that the hostages are not in Iraq and had been transferred to Iran from the very beginning. The goal is to:

1-    Reduce international pressure and give Maliki the freedom to kill or extradite the hostages.

2-    Save Maliki and his cohorts from legal and political consequences for this heinous crime against humanity.

Iranian Resistance has credible documents and information and trustable witnesses that prove that the massacre in Ashraf was perpetrated by personal orders from Maliki and his Security Advisor Faleh Fayaz at the behest of the Iranian regime and that, to this day, the hostages are in control of Maliki’s special forces in Iraq. These documents and evidence are presentable to any court of law and the witnesses are prepared to testify if their security is guaranteed.

It might take you just a few minutes, but can save several lives

By Shahabeh Barooti

Shahabeh Barooti, resident of camp Liberty
Shahabeh Barooti, resident of camp Liberty

To International Human Rights Activists, Iranians around the World, U.S. Politicians, European Parliamentarians, Government decision makers, U.N. officials, Lawyers and caring Mothers, and to all human beings who care about others: PLEASE help me have my mother back. It’s about one month now that my mother, Mahnaz Azizi—along with six others– have been abducted by Iraqi mercenaries. Her life is at grave danger, because the Iraqi government is going to surrender her to the brutal mullahs ruling Iran who shall torture and execute her mercilessly. On September 1st, Iraqi Special Forces at the orders of Iraqi Prime Minister and at the behest of the Iranian regime stormed Camp Ashraf, home to Iranian dissident refugees in Iraq, and murdered 52 unarmed men and women by shooting in the head. They also abducted seven residents of the camp, including my mother. They are now jailed in notorious Sharaf prison in Green Zone in Baghdad, waiting to be surrendered to their arch enemy, the mullahs who will undoubtedly kill them brutally. You may watch a short footage of September 1st horrifying crime at : http://youtu.be/3y9Lrsy3u5Q I appeal to you to do whatever in your capacity to prevent this inhumane crime. The U.S. can and should force the Iraqi government to release them. There are 42 eyewitnesses who survived and testify to that horrible crime. You may write or call to U.S. President, U.S. State Department, Secretary John Kerry, U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, UNSG Ban Ki-moon, your Congressman or Senator, or post a call on your website, facebook, etc. Just think what you would do you if you were in my shoe. Please Help me have my mom back.