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Iran point man wounded in Syria marks change of tide

by:Shahriar Kia
For nearly 5 years the Revolutionary Guards Quds Force’s notorious chief Qassem Suleimani has been spearheading Iran’s full-pledged support for the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. This shadowy figure has been the symbol of Tehran’s infamous plots in Syria, and reports have also indicated Suleimani was running the show and issuing orders to senior Syrian generals and political officials, and at times, even Assad himself. Enjoying the full support of and reporting only to Iranian supreme leader Ali Khamenei, Suleimani had unimaginable authority in Syria. That is why a recent report of the Quds Force chief being severely injured in clashes south of Aleppo has sounded major alarm bells in Tehran, and the entire region.
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To Crush ISIS, Assad Must Go and Iran’s Wings Must Be Clipped

This article is posted on News Week
By Giulio Maria Terzi 11/20/2015

Residents inspect a building, damaged in what activists said was shelling by forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, in Bosra al-Sham, Syria, on September 18. The West ought to be unequivocally decisive in pressing for the ouster of Assad, the author argues. Alaa Al-Faqir/Reuters
Images of people pouring out of a concert hall, many wounded and others lying facedown in a pool of blood. Explosions during a football match and looks of fear, pain and horror.
This is what the world saw in France last week, something it saw less than a year ago and in previous years—acts of violence and the terrible wounds they leave on innocent people.
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Iran’s Islamic republic main source of fundamentalism and instability

By Nasrin Younesi

My country Iran has a 2,500 year history; the country of Cyrus the Great, where the first freedom charter was written is now in the hands of mullahs; savage animals who pretend to be human.
In all corners of the world, people rise up to demand their rights, and if their demands are not met, at least their voice is heard.
However, the ruthless mullahs have for the past 4 decades punished any voice of discontent with torture and execution. Yet given that freedom and liberation runs in the veins of every Iranian, they will pay the price, even if it costs them their lives. Continue reading Iran’s Islamic republic main source of fundamentalism and instability

First impact of Iran nuclear accord: growing Iran-Russia cooperation

The minute the July 14th nuclear accord between the West and Iran was signed in Vienna, the mullahs were rushing their delegations to Moscow to demand the transfer of the advanced S-300 missile system from Russia. Hat’s off to President Obama! This is just the first of many consequences of the “historic” and “landmark” agreement reached with Iran.
Iran’s possession of such a missile defense system will definitely complicate any future strikes that the international community may deem necessary, including strikes against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in the event that the world comes to realize that Tehran has no intention but cheating on the nuclear deal and rushing for the development of a nuclear weapon.
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نخستین تصاویر از انفجار بیروت

by TheTower.org Staff

The Tower– In 2009, at the beginning of his first term in office, President Barack Obama announced that his administration would be seeking to “directly engage” with Iran. Nonetheless, Obama acknowledged that Iran’s “actions over many years now have been unhelpful when it comes to promoting peace and prosperity both in the region and around the world; that their attacks or their financing of terrorist organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas, the bellicose language that they’ve used towards Israel, their development of a nuclear weapon, or their pursuit of a nuclear weapon — that all those things create the possibility of destabilizing the region.”

Nearly five years later, in a 2013 press release announcing the Joint Plan of Action regarding Iran’s nuclear program, the Obama administration issued a fact sheet about the deal with Iran, noting that though some sanctions had been relaxed, “[a]ll of our targeted sanctions related to Iran’s state sponsorship of terrorism, its destabilizing role in the Syrian conflict, and its abysmal human rights record, among other concerns, remain in effect.”

However, despite ongoing negotiations, during the past year Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism and destabilization of its neighbors has continued, and in many ways worsened. Continue reading 10 WAY IRAN SUBVERTS THE MIDDLE EAST (AND THE WORLD)

When It Comes To ISIS, Iran Isn’t The Solution — It’s Part Of The Problem

Originally published on Forbes

By Amir Basiri

Mr. Basiri is an Iranian human rights activist and supporter of democratic regime change in Iran.

A misinterpretation of the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has led some to believe that the Iranian regime can actually be a contributing force to the international efforts that aim at eliminating the threat caused by the Islamic State, an extremist group that has in past months taken over a swath of territory straddling Iraq and Syria and aims at establishing what it purports to be an Islamic Caliphate.

The argument that backs such a proposition is that as a radical Sunni group, the Islamic State would prove to be an enemy of the radical Shiite regime ruling Iran, and thus Iran can be counted on to fight the Islamic State. Continue reading When It Comes To ISIS, Iran Isn’t The Solution — It’s Part Of The Problem

Iran: Common Denominator of Middle East Chaos

Source: Clarion Project

The mullahs rely on their regional proxies to instigate civil conflicts and stoke the fires of sectarianism in the countries of the region.



Islamic Fundamentalism, the Iranian regime’s weapons of choice in the Middle-East

Everyone agrees that the Middle East region has become a hodgepodge of religious, ethnic and sectarian conflicts, with the prospects of a respite in death and destruction indeed being bleak. The effects are most evident in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and more recently in Libya and Lebanon. Other countries are not immune and are under the imminent threat of being pulled into the fray by joining one of the many confusing conflicts that are ravaging the region.

Where opinions diverge is how to deal with this crisis.

Erroneous interpretations by regional and world powers in pinpointing the true source of the disaster and careless dithering in laying out a suitable roadmap and an effective approach to tackle the problem have given rise to the perception that peace and stability in the Middle East as a hopeless cause. Continue reading Iran: Common Denominator of Middle East Chaos