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Iraq: Family unit or taking advantages of families

Camp Liberty in vicinity of Baghdad International Airport is home to thousands of Iranian dissidents, including nearly 1000 women, members of People’s Mujahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI). The Mullahs in Iran have found PMOI their most threatening enemy. Fear of this most structured organization, capable of overthrowing the regime, has made Iranian authorities, such as Khamenei and Rouhani, to direct their proxies in Iraq “to make life intolerable for them”.
PMOI women protest in camp liberty
Women members of PMOI, residents at Camp Liberty, try to get their voice to the responsible authorities
Apart from logistics and medical blockade, the Iraqi intelligence agents, loyal to Iranian regime, are pursuing the same scenarios that ended with bloody massacres in Camp Ashraf. More than 100 residents of Camp Ashraf, former home of Camp Liberty residents were slain and many injured in attacks ordered by Nouri Maliki. Having not been able to get rid of the residents by terrorist Para military attacks, Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) thought of a new filthy trick, bringing its agents disguised as residents ‘families.
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First impact of Iran nuclear accord: growing Iran-Russia cooperation

The minute the July 14th nuclear accord between the West and Iran was signed in Vienna, the mullahs were rushing their delegations to Moscow to demand the transfer of the advanced S-300 missile system from Russia. Hat’s off to President Obama! This is just the first of many consequences of the “historic” and “landmark” agreement reached with Iran.
Iran’s possession of such a missile defense system will definitely complicate any future strikes that the international community may deem necessary, including strikes against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in the event that the world comes to realize that Tehran has no intention but cheating on the nuclear deal and rushing for the development of a nuclear weapon.
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Events held in Germany to mark PMOI’s 50th anniversary

Supporters of Iran’s principle organized opposition group, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI, or MEK), in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne have held a series of gatherings and events to mark the group’s 50th anniversary. The events included photo exhibitions and rallies.
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Iranian regime discharges post negotiations on residents of Camp Liberty

By: Mohsen Sardary

A report by London Economist estimated the amount of funds, regime of Iran spent on nuclear projects as more than 300 milliard Dollars. This report was published a few months ago and today we should deal with a much more striking number. Despite all that money– which, of course, resulted to more  impoverished Iranian population – Khamenei had to retreat from his declared, redlines he had repeatedly insisted on over the past 12 years. It seems relevant that the regime discharges its defeat on its foes, the residents of Camp Liberty, in Iraq.

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Iran: Human rights institutions and women’s rights defenders are once again called upon to secure immediate release of Ms. Nargess Mohammadi

Nargess Mohammadi is in poor health condition due to lack of medical care
Nargess Mohamadi1

Political prisoner and human rights activist Ms. Nargess Mohammadi remains medically uncared for despite her deteriorating conditions. Yesterday, following eight hours of muscle paralysis, she was transferred to a hospital outside prison. However, despite the insistence of the physicians that she needs medical care, she was returned back to Evin Prison while partially unconscious.

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Unprecedented Heat Wave Engulfs Iraq, Inhumane Siege on Camp Liberty Residents

An unprecedented heat wave has engulfed the entire Middle East. Turkey and Jordan have also faced previously unseen scorching summer heat.

In Iraq, however, the heat intensity is actually higher than anywhere else. The extreme heat in this country is unbelievable and literally intolerable, according to international news media.The Iraqi government announced a four-day holiday due to the atrocious heat, due to the fact that all infrastructures are destroyed in this country and the lack of adequate electricity.

See a short video about Camp Liberty conditions here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GMTEl83WmN8

The problems resulting from the immense heat skyrocketing into temperatures never seen before are even more intolerable for a few thousand Iranian dissidents living in Camp Liberty adjacent to Baghdad International Airport.

Iranian Refugees

These individuals are Iranian refugees, who in 2011 were forced to evacuate their 26-year long home in Camp Ashraf, located 60 miles north of Baghdad, and move to Camp Liberty. This new site, a deserted and ransacked US military camp, lacks the most basic infrastructure based on international standards.

This transfer was carried out according to an agreement between the United Nations, US and Iraqi governments.

Despite the fact that UNAMI and the US have legal and moral responsibilities over these refugees’ safety and security, an all-out logistical and medical siege has been imposed on camp residents ever since the protection of these refugees in 2009 was transferred from Washington to Baghdad.

The residents have also been targeted many times in bloody attacks staged by Iraqi forces loyal to the Iranian regime.

Protest Rallies

During the past past few days, the residents have staged a number of rallies demanding the inhumane siege be lifted as the intolerable recent heat wave has to this day led to the dehydration of many residents and placed their lives in grave danger.

Many of the camp’s power generators and food storage refrigerators have broken down.

The residents also protested inaction seen from the UN and US parties who have specific responsibilities in this regard. They demanded a speedy lifting of the blockade imposed by elements linked to the Iranian regime in the Iraqi government.

“Due to the inhumane siege enforced on us by the Iraqi government, and not allowing us to procure supplies needed for the camp’s infrastructure at our own expense, all of our devices are breaking down and under this scorching heat where our water and electricity all rely on old and worn-out power generators, these sets are going out of order one by one and we no longer have any water, electricity or cooling systems for food storage,” one residents says.

“This is an outlaw prison,” he adds.

“Under this tremendous heat the pipes in this camp become so hot that the water just cannot be used,” another resident says.

Violation Of Written Commitments

Human rights organizations believe there is only one solution to end the violation of written commitments provided and promised by the US and UN to the camp residents. That solution is to lift the inhumane siege that has taken the lives of many of the residents to this day.

The way to end prison-making measures in Liberty is to have the camp management team changed. This responsibility must be assigned to an organization in Iraq that has no political or religious affiliation to the mullahs’ regime ruling Iran. The next important step is to truly recognize this site as a UN-supervised refugee camp.

Call for ending the antihuman siege on Liberty

The siege and antihuman restrictions imposed on Camp Liberty, the heat wave in Iraq in the recent days that is among the hottest places on earth, has the Liberty residents face excruciating conditions and several fold problems. See a short video about Camp Liberty condition here.

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