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Here Physicians Don’t Make the Decision for Patients

By Ghassem Bahrami, Camp Liberty

Camp Liberty

Various pains don’t let me have a decent night’s sleep. Last night I had another nightmare. It has been nearly a year now that I have endured such conditions in Camp Liberty. It was five years ago when that horrific event happened and it comes back to haunt me again and again. I was the driver of a minibus and I took around my refugee friends across Camp Ashraf in Iraq, the 25-year home of 3,000 Iranian refugees opposing the mullahs’ regime. July 28, 2009 was a hot summer day in Iraq and from the very beginning I felt fire was pouring down from the sky. However, the beauty of the tree-lined roads in Camp Ashraf had overshadowed everything. I was preparing the vehicle for the residents when I heard the bad news: Maliki government forces had attacked Ashraf!!? I was taking a number of passengers when I saw a number of passengers streak by with their sirens running. With the utmost unbelief and curiosity after I took the passengers to their destination I thought it would be better to go to entrance gate. Continue reading Here Physicians Don’t Make the Decision for Patients

Camp Liberty: Even time is taken hostage

By Hamid Imeni, Camp Liberty


In today’s world almost everyone is aware of the dirty act of hostage-taking. When one hears a phrase, reads it or sees it, like it or not similar actions and objectives, along with a repeated scenario, come to mind. However, the evil spirits in all the dirty frameworks are too similar and common, wherever they may be, and they only encourage more hideous crimes and actions.

Right now I want you to join me for a few moments to get informed with a new type of hostage taking. I have just one request: in any state you may be reading these lines, empty your thoughts for a few moments for the sake of the rights of human beings, so that you would completely understand and come along with me. Now I want to take you to a ‘prisonlike’ place where 2,800 noble and freedom-loving human beings are and one third of which are women. Therefore, during the next few moments that we reach there I prefer to brief you a bit on its history. The ironic part is that many people, meaning the so-called “human rights activists” have dubbed this place “Camp Liberty” and they insist the residents must accept this name, too. Continue reading Camp Liberty: Even time is taken hostage

Six more hanged in Iran as regime execution rate soars

Six more prisoners were hanged in Iran on November 13 as the execution rate soars under so-called ‘moderate’ Hassan Rouhani.

Two men named as Vahid Shahbakhsh and Mahmoud Shahbakhsh were hanged in the main prison in the city of Zahedan, south-eastern Iran.

Vahid, in his 30s, had been sentenced to three years in prison plus execution and was held in section 4 of the prison.

Mahmoud, 26, had been sentenced to death was being held in section 1 of the prison.

Both men were classified as ‘security’ prisoners, a term the Iranian regime uses for the inmates that are not being held as criminals. There is no information available on any legal process the men may have gone through. Continue reading Six more hanged in Iran as regime execution rate soars

Healing beds or torture and execution chambers?

By Hanif Garmabi, Camp Liberty


Nearly 2 years ago I left my beloved father in Ashraf in the situation in which I believed that after accomplishing the matter of our possessions in the Ashraf, I would meet him again in the Camp Liberty, because in the quadripartite agreement, in which UN and US took part, the Iraqi government pledged to ensure the security and safety of those PMOI members who remained in Ashraf till the matter of possessions were settled.

But later on 1 September 2013 in total disbelief we heard the news of attack of the camp Ashraf by Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki’s Dirty Division forces. I was shocked by this news, running to watch the news as it was being broadcasted. In the first broadcasting of the pictures of the victims of this atrocity, I saw my father lying dead on a bed in Camp Ashraf’s clinic. He was drenched in blood and had gunshots in his body, true signs of crime against humanity.

Later I watched that painful picture many times, and stared with agony to the innocence of my father who was betrayed, and always this question hurting me why? Continue reading Healing beds or torture and execution chambers?

US and UN Turning A Deaf Ear To Medical Siege in Camp Liberty

Published by News Blaze

Iraq: Camp Liberty Medical Siege is Crime Against Humanity

Depriving terminally ill and cancer patients, on the verge of losing their lives, of medical treatment is considered crime against humanity. Such horrific crimes are completely politically motivated and carried out by Iraqi security forces loyal to the Iranian regime at a camp adjacent to Baghdad airport and ironically named ‘Liberty‘, all under the very eyes of the UN.

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Another patient suffering from heart illness says,“Iraqi forces cancelled my medical appointment for various reasons while I don’t know if there will be another turn for me.”

Around 3,000 Iranian dissidents, who have during the past 28 years lived as refugees in Iraq, are now the targets of this massive crime. This blockade has to this day taken the lives of 22 of these refugees, who lived in Camp Ashraf – located 90 kilometers north of Baghdad up to 2011 – and then transferred to Camp Liberty neighboring Baghdad airport under a mandatory relocation. On Sunday, 9 November 2014, patients in Camp Liberty held a rally protesting this medical siege that has been ongoing for 5 years. Continue reading US and UN Turning A Deaf Ear To Medical Siege in Camp Liberty

A glimmer of light

By Assadollah Nabavi


I look through the tiny opening of my dark cell and find myself more fortunate than the guard who is standing beyond the light, since I am looking at the light and he the darkness. “Ahmad Mattar”

That day, as I was looking out to the lit ward corridor through the opening of my darkly shadowed cell in Semnan Central Prison, I was feeling the same as the poet when all of a sudden my glance stopped at something. They were pulling a man on the ground toward me.

A man leaving behind a trace of blood on the damp floor.

I tried to see his face through the narrow opening, but it was fully covered with a thick eye fold and two guards were pulling him forward with their brawny hands. The cell door next to me was opened and I suppose they must have pushed him into the cell while blood was dripping from his legs. Continue reading A glimmer of light



Ironically, at the same time that Iranian protesters are invoking comparisons to Islamic State militants in their demonstrations against the series of acid attacks that have severely injured women apparently deemed to be improperly attired, one prominent supporter of the clerical regime has drawn the same comparison between the Islamic State and pro-democracy activists.

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty quotes Saeed Ghasemi, a pro-regime activist and Iran-Iraq War veteran, as saying that the 2009 mass demonstrations against the disputed reelection of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad were “the same thing as IS culture.”

Ghasemi went on to assert that a culture associated with Islamic militants is causing young Iranians to “distance themselves from [Iranian] principles,” which have their foundation in the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The young people whom Ghasemi refers to are generally regarded by analysts as being highly educated and pro-Western, and the 2009 protest was recognizably a pro-democratic movement.

Other comments by supporters of the Iranian regime indicate that ironic comparisons between IS and pro-Western, pro-democracy activism are completely intentional. Radio Free Europe points out that in August, conservative cleric Alireza Panahian specifically equated the threat of Westernization to the threat posed by the Islamic State. Continue reading AS DISSENTING VOICES GROW IN IRAN, REGIME SUPPORTER COMPARES ACTIVISTS TO ISIS