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Rain in Prison

A true story of a rainy day in Camp Liberty

By Bahman Bakhshi,

It is 3 O’clock of a rainy afternoon in Camp Liberty, where Iranian dissidents live, just next to Baghdad international airport. Some call it Liberty Prison. It is one of the last cold days of winter. I have to wear my large wool socks and my knitted gloves to keep me warm in my very cold room. I also have my scarf around my neck. This scarf with its white lines means a lot to me. It is a souvenir of my fallen friend, Bijan. He was killed on a Christmas Eve when it did neither rain nor snow in Camp Liberty, but fatal rackets fell on us. I look through my window which unlike all windows in winter is not Steamy at all. That reminds me of my childhood, when I used to draw pictures with my finger on steamy windows. You find no steamy window in Camp Liberty. There is a logistic siege exerted on us by the security forces that control the camp.

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To whom should I cry and extend my voice!

By Elaham Kiamanesh

“Both my parents lost their lives from medical siege,” says a close friend of mine, Asefeh Haidairan.

It’s the 21st century and the era where mobile and smartphones have become the main device of communication even dominating laptop and PC’s… But there lives a couple of thousand educated people in a part of the world surrounded by long, gray, concrete walls being deprived and forbidden of even having free access to medical and hospital care. Yes, among them is a friend of mine, who lost both parents to this brutal siege.

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Under The Siege

By Ahmad Rahbar

This is the story of those who have appointments with death instead of doctors.

I never thought one day he would be the victim of an inhumane siege, he who had been named the angel of rescue. Due to his fluent Arabic and English, and working with patients for years establishing deep humane relationships, he had become very warm and beloved for them. On that notorious day when Behruz suffered a heart attack, I went looking for him everywhere. When I found him and told him what had happened, he said in a very calm manner that he just needed a few minutes to get ready. He truly got ready, as quickly possible, and we got into the ambulance heading to the camp’s exit gate where Iraqi security forces controlling the camp are stationed. I tried very hard to accompany Behruz and Hossein to the hospital to be there and help, but the Iraqi forces did not allow me and I had no choice but to angrily get out of the ambulance. As the vehicle was distancing, I remembered the first time I saw Behruz in Ashraf when he was telling me how six of his family members had been killed by Khomeini’s fundamentalist Revolutionary Guards. Now, I was worried and praying to God to keep him safe.

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Increasing cruelty on Liberty residents in 21st century

 By Nasrin Faizi

The Wall of China is very beautiful. The Egyptian Pyramids are one of the world’s seven wonders. However, when we read history we come to understand that behind all these beauties are thousands of slaves and prisoners who lost their lives under the extremely heavy loads, and their bodies are hidden inside the greatness and magnificence of those very rocks.

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Maryam Rajavi: Rejecting ‘Islamic’ extremism requires confronting Iranian regime

Maryam Rajavi: The requisite for rejecting ‘Islamic’ extremism is to confront the Iranian regime and to support its alternative that is based on a democratic Islam

Neither ISIS and caliphate is Islam nor is the velayat-e faqih in Iran; neither the beheadings by ISIS is Islam nor is the splashing of acid on the faces of women in Iran.

The “caliphate” declared recently in Syria and Iraq has been ruling in Tehran for over 30 years now.

In a conference on Sunday, November 30, entitled “United Muslims against abuse of Islam by extremists”, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, warned that “any sort of cooperation and rapprochement with the Iranian regime under the pretext of fighting ISIS will solely result in the spread of this cancer in the region with the Muslim nations as its principal victims”. She added: “The crisis created by ISIS is the by-product of the conditions created by the regime of velayat-e faqih and its subordinate dictatorships by suppressing and implementing sectarianism in Iraq and Syria. For their part, the Western governments are responsible for the spread of this crisis due to their appeasement of the Iranian regime as the Godfather of fundamentalism and terrorism.” Continue reading Maryam Rajavi: Rejecting ‘Islamic’ extremism requires confronting Iranian regime

Iran Jeopardizes PMOI Refugees By Meddling in Camp Liberty Affairs


The British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom (BPCIF) has issued a press release concerning recent baseless misleading remarks by Iraq’s minister of Human Rights, Mahdi al-Bayati, after his meeting with the Special Advisor to the UN Secretary-General on Resettlement of Liberty Residents, Mrs Jane Holl-Lute.

The Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty, Iraq, designated as Protected Persons by the United Nations, were made promises by the United Nations and United States, in return for disarming.

The residents of the camp were originally in Camp Ashraf, but they were tricked into relocating to Camp Liberty by UN Special Representative Martin Kobler, who promised them safe passage and protection. Hundreds of the residents have been killed by Iraqi and Iranian operatives over the past few years in attacks inside their camps. Continue reading Iran Jeopardizes PMOI Refugees By Meddling in Camp Liberty Affairs

Patients protest Camp Liberty medical siege, demand UN-US action

Originally published by Canada Free Press


On Wednesday, 26 November 2014, patients in Camp Liberty adjacent to Baghdad International Airport held a rally protesting the medical siege imposed by the Iraqi government on the residents of this camp.

The inhumane medical siege against Iranian dissidents, members of opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in Iraq, continues after the transfer of their protection from the US government to the Iraqi government in early 2009 and with Nouri Maliki – a political ally of the Iranian regime – coming to power in Iraq. To this day 22 of these refugees have lost their lives due to the medical siege imposed by Iraqi forces while many more are facing the threat of death.

Nearly 2,700 Iranian refugees, one third being women, are residing in Camp Liberty. The UNHCR has registered all the camp as refugees and “persons of concern” under international protection. Based on official agreements, the UN and US government have responsibilities over the safety and security of these refugees until their complete resettlement in safe countries. Continue reading Patients protest Camp Liberty medical siege, demand UN-US action