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Maryam Rajavi condemns wave of acid attacks against Iranian women

New wave of splashing acid on young Iranain women’s faces in Esfahan on pretext of mal-veiling

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance  expressed deep resentment for these appalling crimes and said: The mullahs’ regime that is fearful of mounting popular discontent, especially that of women and the youth, is attempting to prevent the explosion of their wrath through these brutalities and intimidation.

In recent days, organized gangs affiliated with the mullahs’ regime have been splashing acid on the faces of a large number of young women in Esfahan under the pretext of “mal-veiling”. The victims of this heinous act amount to eight, six of whom have been hospitalized in Esfahan’s Feiz Hospital.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, expressed deep resentment for these appalling crimes by clerical regime’s elements and called on all human rights bodies and women’s rights defenders to condemn these atrocities. She said: International community’s silence in the face of these brutalities under the pretext of nuclear talks is tantamount to encouraging the mullahs’ regime to continue these atrocities in Iran. Continue reading


Iraqi forces make Camp Liberty Iranians carry heavy loads, prevent use of forklift trucks

Iraqi forces deprive Camp Libety residents of using their own forklift trucks forcing them to carry heavy loads with their hands or on their backs

The anti-human torture has caused residents severe orthopedic diseases

The Iraqi forces continue to prevent residents of Camp Liberty from using their own forklift trucks. As a result of this anti-human measure, residents are forced to carry heavy loads with their hands or on their backs.

After the Iraqi forces prevented the transfer of dozens of forklift trucks from Ashraf to Camp Liberty, following numerous referrals by the residents to the United States and the United Nations authorities, in a trilateral agreement in November 2012 between UNAMI, the residents, and the Iraqi government, two forklift trucks were transferred from Ashraf to Camp Liberty. The Iraqi forces refused to hand over these two forklift trucks to the residents and it was decided that the forklift trucks be kept at the police battalion to be given to the residents on a daily basis and returned back at the end of the work. Continue reading

I too like democracy and freedom!

By Mohsen Bodaghi


I write this pierce in Camp Liberty, Iraq.  It is years now that I have left my studies and left my country Iran for the hope of democracy and freedom. Years full of dangers and hardships. I never thought the path for freedom would be so hard and uneven. But these years have taught me that freedom comes at a high price. I sometimes tell myself, probably those who enjoy such gift do not realize its value and only when they lose it will they come to truly appreciate its value, like oxygen for living beings.

Some three years ago I was relocated to a prison called “Camp Liberty,” which makes it even worse since they have named a notorious prison “Liberty”, the very liberty that people throughout the world have paid a heavy price for.

Along with 3,500 of my friends, I moved to Liberty based on a “Memorandum of Understanding” signed between the UN and the government of Iraq. There are many clauses and promises in the MoU but all of them have been breached by the Iraqi government, and U.S. and UN have shut their eyes to such violations. Our demands on the other hand are so simple and primitive that it is difficult for me to even mention them. The surprising thing is that the Iraqi government does not even let us plant trees. Continue reading

Longing for a meeting

In memory of Asghar Emadi, victim of the September 1 massacre in Camp Ashraf

By Saeed Ahmadian, Camp Liberty

Asghar EmadiI was seven or eight years old when my mother told me that I had an uncle in Iraq. I was overjoyed to hear this news and begged her to tell me more about him – it was as if I had requested for something forbidden. “Quiet!” she told me nervously. “Don’t speak about this to anyone, especially when you go to school. You tell no one that you have an uncle in Iraq.”

I was both surprised and saddened by her reaction. What’s wrong with having an uncle? I thought. Why is it forbidden to mention his name? What has he done?

As I grew up, I heard new things about Asghar Emadi, my uncle, and I learned that he is a political activist opposing the regime ruling my country, Iran. That was why he had gone to Iraq, to avoid being caught by the Iranian regime, which was notoriously known for its widespread persecution and murder of opposition members. Continue reading

Appeasing Iran will embolden ISIS

Published on the Hill

print_logoAs the fight to neutralize, rollback and eventually eliminate the threat of the extremist group Islamic State rages on, the international community – in particular the West – should not forget that the policy in dealing with the extremist regime ruling Iran can have a crucial role in either seeing the campaign’s success – or its utter failure.

The Islamic State, a group also known as ISIS or ISIL, has in past months occupied swaths of Iraq and Syria and aims at establishing a Caliphate based on a twisted and violent interpretation of Islam. It strives to expand its borders, and through highly-publicize violent methods tries to intimidate the international community into recognizing its hegemony in the region.

Whether it admits it or not, the Islamic State will look up to the Iranian regime as a role model. The mullahs ruling Iran have achieved everything Islamic State extremists dream of someday achieving: a terrorism-exporting state based on Islamic fundamentalism that also has the potential to produce nuclear bombs and is recognized as a member of the international community. What more could they ask for?

Continue reading

Iran: Tehran resident killed in police raid to remove satellite dishes


A 65-year-old Iranian man killed as the Iranian regime’s suppressive State Security Forces (police) raided a building complex in Tehran on Sunday to collect satellite dishes from rooftops.

The incident occurred in Tehran’s Shah Nazari Street on September 28 when suppressive police stormed the housing complexes in the area and began collecting satellite dishes.

Mr. Ali Mohammad Khoei, 65, the manager of a building complex was killed when police physically assaulted him after he asked the police to present their identification cards and permissions before entering premises.

The assault caused him to fall down and die as a result of his head hitting the ground. Continue reading


When It Comes To ISIS, Iran Isn’t The Solution — It’s Part Of The Problem

Originally published on Forbes

By Amir Basiri

Mr. Basiri is an Iranian human rights activist and supporter of democratic regime change in Iran.

A misinterpretation of the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” has led some to believe that the Iranian regime can actually be a contributing force to the international efforts that aim at eliminating the threat caused by the Islamic State, an extremist group that has in past months taken over a swath of territory straddling Iraq and Syria and aims at establishing what it purports to be an Islamic Caliphate.

The argument that backs such a proposition is that as a radical Sunni group, the Islamic State would prove to be an enemy of the radical Shiite regime ruling Iran, and thus Iran can be counted on to fight the Islamic State. Continue reading