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Iranian Reconnaissance In Preparation For Another Attack On Camp Liberty

Posted by News Blaze


Three Iranian militiamen allowed to enter Camp Liberty
Three Iranian militiamen were allowed to enter Camp Liberty by Iraqi police guarding the entrance.

The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran today issued a warning that the government of Iraq appears to be preparing for another attack on Camp Liberty, previously a US base that now is home to Iranian dissidents stranded in Iraq.

The dissidents have virtually no protection from the Iraqi government or the Iranian regime that has control over the puppet Iraqi regime.

The security of Camp Liberty, supposedly protected by the United Nations, and guaranteed by the United States of America, is under threat. The actions of the Paramilitary forces stationed around the camp remind the residents inside the camp of the preparations for the previous bloody attack on Camp Ashraf in September 2013.

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Liberty Residents Will Build Tomorrow’s Free and Tolerant Iran

By M. Tamehi


Two weeks ago I went out of my trailer to see a football game, and only meters away one of my crutches went on a large stone on the road and I fell to the ground. I couldn’t move at all and my friends came to my help and took me back to the metal trailer that is scorching hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter, making it completely useless. From then on it has been two weeks that I have been stuck in my trailer.

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To whom should I cry and extend my voice!

By Elaham Kiamanesh

“Both my parents lost their lives from medical siege,” says a close friend of mine, Asefeh Haidairan.

It’s the 21st century and the era where mobile and smartphones have become the main device of communication even dominating laptop and PC’s… But there lives a couple of thousand educated people in a part of the world surrounded by long, gray, concrete walls being deprived and forbidden of even having free access to medical and hospital care. Yes, among them is a friend of mine, who lost both parents to this brutal siege.

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Under The Siege

By Ahmad Rahbar

This is the story of those who have appointments with death instead of doctors.

I never thought one day he would be the victim of an inhumane siege, he who had been named the angel of rescue. Due to his fluent Arabic and English, and working with patients for years establishing deep humane relationships, he had become very warm and beloved for them. On that notorious day when Behruz suffered a heart attack, I went looking for him everywhere. When I found him and told him what had happened, he said in a very calm manner that he just needed a few minutes to get ready. He truly got ready, as quickly possible, and we got into the ambulance heading to the camp’s exit gate where Iraqi security forces controlling the camp are stationed. I tried very hard to accompany Behruz and Hossein to the hospital to be there and help, but the Iraqi forces did not allow me and I had no choice but to angrily get out of the ambulance. As the vehicle was distancing, I remembered the first time I saw Behruz in Ashraf when he was telling me how six of his family members had been killed by Khomeini’s fundamentalist Revolutionary Guards. Now, I was worried and praying to God to keep him safe.

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The letter of these distinguished scientific dignitaries to Ban Ki-moon, which has also been sent to the UNHCR, US Ambassador to Iraq Stuart Jones and UN SRSG Nickolay Mladenov, writes:

Adverse security conditions of Iraq and the presence of paramilitary gangs and ISIS have by themselves made life perilous in that country. The efforts of the new Iraqi government to improve the situation is admirable, however what cannot be tolerated is the continued pressures and inhumane blockade imposed on nearly 3,000 Iranian refugees in that country who have been attacked and massacred several times. However, the camp is still under UN monitoring, pressures and restrictions, especially medical and logistical siege


Iranian regime-like dungeon dubbed “Temporary Transit Location”

By Nasrin Faizi, resident of Camp liberty

I am a former political prisoner of the 1980s in Iran and after ten years I was able to flee the Iranian regime’s dungeons. Many years later when I was in Camp Ashraf in Iraq as a political refugee, we were given promises in 2012 by the United Nations and US government that we were being transferred to a “temporary transit location” ironically called Camp Liberty, where we would be transferred to third countries in the span of six months. All of this turned out to be a hoax and a bunch of lies.

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U.S. Cannot Remain Indifferent on Human Rights Violations in Iran

Posted on December 2014 by American Thinker


Intensifying crackdowns and an increasing number of public executions, acid attacks on women’s faces, and the hanging of 26-year old Reyhaneh Jabbari for the sole reason of defending her dignity, have heightened awareness among human rights circles and the international community of the scope of crimes committed by the mullahs ruling Iran. Of course, what is published these days in the press and media outlets is just the tip of the iceberg. Public opinion remains unaware of some aspects of the crimes committed in prisons and detention facilities against dissidents –- especially women –- by the fundamentalist Iranian regime. The mullahs’ regime, stuck in a quagmire of internal and international crises, has no choice but to crack down on dissent inside Iran and take measures against opposition members abroad. Continue reading U.S. Cannot Remain Indifferent on Human Rights Violations in Iran