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Just the right moment

By H. Sheibani

Along with the other guys I was sitting in the dining hall. We were all very anxious and watching TV showing live tens of thousands of Iranians flooding into Paris. A huge crowd had gathered in Villepinte town hall and they were all in such high spirits. But this was still considered the quiet moments before the actual storm…

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Iran: people demanding democracy and freedom

By Parvin Moshtari

I am an Iranian. A dictatorship is ruling my country. The fundamentalism ayatollahs have brought nothing but poverty and destruction in Iran. During the past 35 years the ayatollahs dark rule has executed tens of thousands of Iranians for political reasons, while millions of others have been viciously repressed. There is only one reason for all this: the ayatollahs can continue their rule only through crackdown and hangings on a daily basis. Women are especially targeted by this fundamentalism regime and they have been discriminated two-fold. Just a glance at the news from Iran gives us a clear indication: widespread political crackdown, escalating costs for daily goods, corruption, poverty and executions are skyrocketing in Iran.

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Future of Iran

By hamidreza Zarei

I was thinking to myself. I was trying to figure out the differences that will exist between Iranians gathering this year with the one of the past year. Politically, situation has changed a lot. That is a fact and the regime in Iran is now facing many internal and external crises. Rounds of revelations by the Iranian resistance have entangled the Iranian regime in an atomic pitfall. An atomic ambition which was supposed to save them from downfall has now become the subject of harsh internal disputes between different factions.  Trying to find his way out, Khamenei changes his words every day.

Regional countries have now realized the necessity of combat against fundamentalism, symbolized in the clerical regime of Iran, have joined to form their front. Iran’s proxies such as its terrorist Quds force are receiving big blows everywhere. In Iraq they had a drastic defeat when many of them were killed in the Iraqi people’s uprising. In Yemen they are under the bombardments of Saudi alliance forces while in Syria the liberation army is advancing every day, pushing Assad forces back city after city.

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Extremism will go when Iran’s ayatollahs go

by hamid mahjob

The main ringleaders of Islamic fundamentalism in the 21st century are the ayatollahs ruling Iran. In fact, extremist groups in the Middle East and across the globe are the offspring of this regime. This ideology, unable to resolve economic and social problems, is forced to turn to crackdown and repression inside Iran, and exporting terrorism and fundamentalism in the region in an effort to maintain its rule. One clear example in this regard is the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s.

The fundamentalism mullahs are the most notorious phenomenon of the 21st century. There is no solution to this dilemma other than the Iranian people and their organized resistance. Fighting fundamentalism and extremism in Iran is only possible with a more advanced and progressive ideology, being a tolerant and democratic version of Islam. The pioneer body of this front is the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran and Iranian Resistance led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi who has presented a very popular 10-point plan for the future of Iran. Thousands of political, human rights and intellectual dignitaries from across the globe are supporting this cause. This Iranian Resistance is the only democratic alternative to the ayatollahs in Iran and the only solution to fight terrorism and fundamentalism. Thus, fundamentalism will never be uprooted as long as the ayatollahs are in power in Iran. The Iranian diaspora will be holding their annual gathering in Paris on June 13 this year to show the world that the Iranian people despise the ayatollahs and are seeking change.

A prison cell in Iran

By Assadollah Nabavi

I was walking in my 1.5×2.5 meter prison cell. I don’t remember how many times I had gone down this path, as I didn’t remember how many nights I had spent awake until morning, hearing my friends’ bodies being pulled on the ground after undergoing hours of torture. Many others were then taken for execution.

I could hear the boots of prison guards, the sounds of cell gates opening, the sound of feet being pulled on the ground… “My God, whose turn is it tonight?” This is the question I ask myself every night. I look through a small breach in the door. I saw that it was Akbar. It becomes hard to stand upright and I fall to my knees.

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Resistance under torture

by Ahmad M

Ne’mat Ghasemi was born in Port Gonave, Iran. He was tall, skinny but very athletic. I met him in solitary confinement of a detention center in Shiraz. When they pushed me into the cell it was very dark, and I suddenly saw myself standing before a man that was severely tortured and his legs were wounded up to this knees. He was severely beaten, but his spirits were very high. I was a bit confused and thought that I didn’t belong there. The cell was very small for one person, let alone two. I was still standing when Ne’mat opened up some room for me and asked me to sit. A few minutes later they might come and take you for interrogation, and I might have to give you all the gauzes and dressing pads, he said.

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For what ‘crime’?

Mehrdad Bahre-mand

A young Iranian woman commits suicide

The report was very short, but it buzzed everywhere. A young Iranian woman threw herself off a bridge in Tehran. The image you are seeing is related to this tragic incident. That is why I am writing this piece for her, in memory of all the young women and girls in Iran that are left with no choice but to commit suicide because of the ayatollahs’ cruelty and crackdown. Those who dare to raise their voice, like Reyhaneh Jabbari, are executed for killing a state agent in self-defense. A state agent that intended to rape her, and she bravely resisted and said no and defended her dignity with her life. Or Farinaz Khosravani, another young Iranian woman who threw herself off a hotel to escape an intelligence agent’s aggression.

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