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Through the eyes of a witness

By Ali Shiraz, witness and survivor of the September 1massacre in Camp Ashraf

I was one of the hundred Ashraf residents who had stayed in the camp based on a quadripartite agreement between the United Nations, United States, Iraq and the camp’s residents; we were there to safeguard our remaining possessions there until they were sold.

On September 1, I witnessed one of the most vicious crimes ever committed. The brutality was beyond human imagination. I wanted to describe my experience and I’m confident time will eventually reveal and confirm the truth. I am ready to stand and testify before any independent court of law. That day, my camera was my third eye at the scene, though some pictures were taken hurriedly and became blurred. Continue reading Through the eyes of a witness

Listen to what happened before my eyes

Witnesses statement[(000314)10-38-25]

By Sassan T., witness of Camp Ashraf massacre

I am one of the residents of Camp Liberty, and I originate from Iran’s Kurdistan. In 1979, before the overthrow of the Shah regime and the rule of the mullahs in Iran, I was a teacher. Due to my disagreement with Khomeini’s regime, I was removed from my job and was thrown in jail. After spending two years in the prisons of the mullahs’ regime in Kermanshah, I left Iran and joined the PMOI because the suppression of the mullahs was unbearable. Continue reading Listen to what happened before my eyes