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Iran: For ex-political prisoner Rouhani is a criminal

“You cannot take his photo, lest they recognize the place he lives”… To meet Farzhad Madadzadeh, the Iranian human rights activist of 29 who fled his country in August 2015, requires serious precautions. The activist spent five years in prison sadly Tehran and Karaj famous. He was tortured, “physically and psychologically “, a French daily writes. Continue reading Iran: For ex-political prisoner Rouhani is a criminal

U.N. panel rebukes Iran for allowing forced marriage, execution at nine years old

Iran’s regime must reform its laws that allows girls as young as nine to be executed for crimes or forced marriage with much older husbands, a United Nations watchdog said on Thursday.
Iran continues to execute children and youth who committed a crime while under 18 years of age, in violation of international standards, the U.N. Committee on the Rights of the Child said, after its 18 independent experts reviewed Iran and 13 other countries. Continue reading U.N. panel rebukes Iran for allowing forced marriage, execution at nine years old

U.S. must uphold promises to Iranian dissidents

This article is posted on The Charlotte Observer
VIEWPOINT about 1 week ago

Last month, 24 Iranian dissidents were killed in a rocket attack
This was the seventh time the group had been bombed by Iran or its allies
If the dissidents are wiped out, so is the dream of a democratic Iran

Sen. John McCain’s proposal of providing U.S. air cover for Camp Liberty would be a step in the right direction. T.J. Kirkpatrick Getty
Special to the Observer
I have long advocated that the United States must uphold its promises to protect the thousands of unarmed Iranian refugees in Iraq as they await final resettlement to third countries through the United Nations. To my regret, warnings of an impending bloodbath perpetrated by Tehran came true last month when 24Iranian dissidents were killed in a horrific rocket attack against their defenseless encampment. Dozens more were wounded.
Over 80 missiles rained into Camp Liberty, where 2,200 members of the main Iranian opposition group, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) have lived since February 2012, when they agreed to relocate from Camp Ashraf, their home of 25 years, as a good faith gesture to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In 2003, the group disarmed – just two years after renouncing violence in exchange for U.S. protection. But the U.S. has consistently reneged on its written commitment to these defenseless refugees, even in the wake of repeated attacks.
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To Crush ISIS, Assad Must Go and Iran’s Wings Must Be Clipped

This article is posted on News Week
By Giulio Maria Terzi 11/20/2015

Residents inspect a building, damaged in what activists said was shelling by forces loyal to Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, in Bosra al-Sham, Syria, on September 18. The West ought to be unequivocally decisive in pressing for the ouster of Assad, the author argues. Alaa Al-Faqir/Reuters
Images of people pouring out of a concert hall, many wounded and others lying facedown in a pool of blood. Explosions during a football match and looks of fear, pain and horror.
This is what the world saw in France last week, something it saw less than a year ago and in previous years—acts of violence and the terrible wounds they leave on innocent people.
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Iraq: Call on Ban ki Moon For Camp Liberty Protection

Allow me to draw your attention to the letter attached below by hundreds of Liberty residents’ families to the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban ki Moon.
H.E. Ban Ki-moon
Secretary-General of the United Nations
The United Nations
New York, NY 10017
Dear Secretary General,
As a group of Camp Liberty residents’ families residing in Europe and the United States, we are gravely concerned about the lives of our children, especially after the rocket attack on October 29 that killed 24 of the residents.
During 2003-2009, when the US forces held the responsibility of security of Camp Ashraf on the ground, many of us had the opportunity to travel to Ashraf and stay there for an unlimited period of time and see our children. But since the time the US government unlawfully turned the security of our children over to the Pro-Iranian regime government of Maliki, despite our repeated application for entry visa to Iraq through various embassies in countries of our residence, Iraq has refused granting permission to enter that country.
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Iran: Last Man Standing

After spending years inside various prisons across Iran due to my opposition against the regime, in 2008 I was transferred to Evin Prison in Tehran. Entering ward 209 I saw three middle-aged men with long beards and very wooly hair, with a difficult accent that made it hard to understand what Farsi they were speaking. However, very soon I realized that all three were young men in their 20s and 30s from the province of Sistan & Baluchistan whose locals have suffered much.
The name of one of these young men was Behzad, and he was very quiet and calm. When I first met him he welcomed me very kindly and with his small and not-so sharp scissors he began cutting my hair. On that day I began talking with Behzad, and it was then when I realized that behind this very calm and quiet face there was actually a large wrath waiting to roar. Behzad Narouie was a local of the brave people of Baluchistan in southeastern Iran.
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Iraq: Consequences of a Betrayed Commitment

By: Ibrahim Seyedi
We are a volunteer group of members of the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran who exited our country back in the 1980s due to the harsh repression and crackdown imposed by the regime’s leader Khomeini against us. We entered Iraq through legal means as political refugees and stationed in a camp called Ashraf, located 90 kilometers north of Baghdad. Our objective was to continue our struggle against the Iranian regime’s warmongering, export of terrorism and fundamentalism in our homeland and the entire Middle East. For around a quarter of a century we lived in our traditional home in Ashraf and enjoyed adequate recreational accommodations, service facilities and infrastructure. Ashraf met all standards of a relatively modern city along with a university and schools, summer pools, asphalt roads, kitchens, a bakery, a food storage complex, restaurant, shopping mall, sports centers, religious sites, city parks, small orchards, a central library with books and novels written by famous writers from across the globe, a hospital equipped with medical supplies along with hi-tech scanners, strong shelters that protected us against bombing threats, and last but not least, a number of 1 MW power generators that made us independent from Iraq’s nationwide power grid.
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