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The cry for freedom continues until all of humanity is liberated


By Masoomeh, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

Nelson Mandela, the historic icon of resistance in South Africa, recently left us. Many countries across the globe flew their flags at half stance in a show of respect to this great leader, and many international figures reminded us of his greatness citing Mandela’s famous lines calling for peace and unity.

Mandela fought for freedom, and when he faced the Palestinian people, he told them, “As long as justice is not achieved in Palestine, our revolution has not borne fruit.” This historic sentence shows that as long as freedom is enchained, the cry for freedom continues until all of humanity is liberated from autarchy and cruelty. Continue reading The cry for freedom continues until all of humanity is liberated

The Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Youth Illusions


By Arman Nafissi, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

Following the massacre of Iranian dissidents by Maliki’s forces in Iraq, the West has in practice joined voice with Baghdad

Before I became 20 and joined the ranks of the Iranian opposition members against the religious autocracy ruling my country, I had already spent two thirds of my life in France. Even right now I know more about French history than that of my own country, Iran. From these ups and downs that I learned the values of ‘freedom’, ‘equality’ and ‘brotherhood’, and I understood that these words are what a man must pay the price for to reach such values. Continue reading The Eifel Tower, Statue of Liberty and Youth Illusions

Four years of medical siege on Ashraf and Liberty

By Ashraf Farshid, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

It was a sad moment. Today I heard about “Roya Daroodi” a close friend of mine, who has just passed away of sickness. This news broke my heart.  She was a young resident of Camp Liberty whose death has deeply touched me. I saw Dr. Nafisse on her routine check of her patients. She is one of our doctors in the Camp. When I asked her about Roya she could not hide her sorrow. As her doctor, naturally, she is touched more than anyone else. She spent many nights and days looking after Roya. “I wish it were me in her stead”, She said to me in a low voice. Continue reading Four years of medical siege on Ashraf and Liberty

A hundred days of silence

Ebrahim Mir Seyyedi

By Ebrahim Mir Seyyedi, Camp Liberty hunger striker

Usually, a president’s performance is assessed a hundred days after he comes into office. After such a period of time, an analysis is made as to whether or not the person in question has been successful in accomplishing or at least nearing the promises and goals that he has set before his presidency.

Now this issue is manifesting itself in another form in some other corner of the world. Camp Ashraf, Iraq, where more than three thousand Iranian dissidents used to live, was put under the US government’s protection. The aim of the residents was to establish freedom and democracy in Iran, challenging the rule of the mullahs in Iran, who run the most vicious religious dictatorship in the world. These people had all received Protected Person status from the United States. Continue reading A hundred days of silence

The Deafening Silence


By Ali Moradi, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

We are living in the third millennium, where everyone talks about freedom as a universal right. But in Iraq, seven human beings are in the prisons of Nouri Al-Maliki. They’ve been enduring horrible conditions since September 1, when the Iraqi forces attacked Camp Ashraf and abducted them after murdering 52 of the camp’s residents.

I went on hunger strike since September 1st for the freedom of the hostages, and I’m sure that the seven hostages themselves are on hunger strike as well. Continue reading The Deafening Silence