Iraqi government sets stage for attacks on Camp Liberty Iranians by disseminating false information

The clerical regime’s terrorist Qods Force and its puppet government in Iraq are disseminating false reports and fabricating bogus scenarios about cooperation between the People’s Mojahedin (PMOI/MEK) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in a bid to exploit the current situation in Iraq and attack Camp Liberty and cause carnage.

To this end, the state-run news agency, ISNA, dispatched a totally false report on July 1, quoting Abbas Bayati, an Iraqi MP and a confidant of [Prime Minister Nouri] al-Maliki: “Relevant Iraqi agencies have obtained information that show members of the MEK who have come from Europe have joined ISIS” and that “120 MEK members have entered the province of Nineveh from Turkish borders to cooperate with ISIS.” ISNA added: “If the involvement of these individuals in terrorist operations against the security forces in Nineveh is proven, the Iraqi government will deal them a decisive response.”

According to information obtained from Iran, in schemes concocted by the Qods Force, a number of captured ISIS fighters have confessed that the MEK and ISIS have been coordinating in Europe such that after ISIS attacks Baghdad, it would free the residents of Liberty to use them in a war against the Iranian regime.

Simultaneous with these ludicrous lies, Iraqi forces, who are supposed to protect Camp Liberty, have pointed their machineguns toward the trailers inside the Camp and have increased their numbers.

Three officers who were directly involved in the massacres at Camp Ashraf and a number of Iraqi intelligence agents have been stationed next to Camp Liberty. A number of Quds Force operatives who cannot speak Arabic are present at this location.

At the same time, based on reports from within the regime, on June 26, Maliki send a delegation to Tehran to ask for military assistance and the backing of the regime for his third term as Prime Minister. In return, the Iranian regime has demanded that Iraq step up its crackdown on the residents of Camp Liberty.

On January 7, 2014 the NCRI had revealed that the Qods Force commander, Qassem Suliemani, had asked Maliki to order Iraqi forces – exploiting the current situation in Iraq – to put on ISIS uniforms and attack and massacre the residents of Liberty.

The NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee again warns of the ominous intentions of the Iranian regime and the Maliki government to eliminate the residents of Liberty. It calls on the U.S. government and the UN to take urgent action to protect Camp Liberty.

One thought on “Iraqi government sets stage for attacks on Camp Liberty Iranians by disseminating false information”

  1. Anyone trying to make a linkage between ISIS and the Iranian resistance movement based in Iraq through PMOI/MEK is basically shilling for the Iranian regime, which has fought a long and hard propaganda war to eradicate any hint of resistance to its rule.

    Trying to make this connection is like accusing Obama of being a Muslim. While it’s nice for talk shows and fodder to blogs and birthers, it’s completely ridiculous and demonstrates an effort to demonize the one group that has long fought against the mullahs in Iran.

    The most disturbing aspect of the efforts to link ISIS to the Iranian resistance is the foreshadowing of another attempt by the Iranian regime to separate the resistance movement from the West in a final effort to eradicate it by maintaining its control over the current Iraqi government of Maliki. If Iran can strengthen its hold by using ISIS as a stalking horse to drum up military intervention, then its next step is to mount a final assault on the remaining 3,000 dissidents housed at Camp Liberty and crush it once and for all.

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