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Leaders of Iranian and Syrian Opposition Movements meet in Paris

Originally published on Breitbart

On May 23, 2014, Mrs Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran), and Mr Ahmad Jarba, the President of National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary, met in Paris to discuss common goals regarding the struggle of the Syrian and Iranian people for freedom in their respective nations.

Both leaders underscored the detrimental role that the Iranian regime has played in the three-year-long Syrian crisis, which has so far seen the death of 162,000 people, and has spilled more than 3 million refugees into neighbouring countries. Continue reading


The Handshake in Paris that Could Undermine both Syria and Iran

Originally published on History News Network

Dr. Walid Phares is the author of The Lost Spring: US Policy in the Middle East and Catastrophes to Avoid. He advises members of the US Congress and the European Parliament on the Middle East

One single handshake between a man and a woman in Paris may have significant ripple effects across the Middle East and the Arab world; a handshake that should have happened long time ago between leaders of the region’s opposition movements struggling for more pluralistic countries in the region from North Africa to the Levant. Visiting Ms. Mariam Rajavi—the head of the Iranian Council of national resistance, Ahmad al Jarba—the President of the Syrian National Coalition—posed for a picture that will produce earth shattering effects for Damascus and Tehran. The two leaders in the photo represent the largest political opposition forces against the two members of the “Axis of Evil,” the Khomeinist regime of Iran and the Baathist regime of Syria. Commenting on this encounter, the Director of al Arabiya Abdul Rahman al Rashed, wrote: Continue reading


Appeasing the Iranian Mullahs: Turning a Blind Eye to Medieval Savagery

Originally published on Clarion Project

Islamic fundamentalism will spread like wildfire unless we declare it haram. Today, it’s Boko Haram, but tomorrow…


May 21st, 2014

Finally, after three weeks, the world grasped – and subsequently reacted to – the horrific depths of the kidnapping of over 200 innocent Nigerian school girls.

We all agree here that the nature of such an act is inhuman and disgusting because using the lives and futures of young girls as a bargaining tool is simply unacceptable. The event was so heartbreaking that people throughout the world added their voices to the common chorus of #BringBackOurGirls and activities were launched in hopes of having them safely return home. Continue reading



Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, all but said on Sunday that negotiations over the country’s illicit nuclear program are over and that the Islamic Republic’s ideals include destroying America.

“Those (Iranians) who want to promote negotiation and surrender to the oppressors and blame the Islamic Republic as a warmonger in reality commit treason,” Khamenei told a meeting of members of parliament, according to the regime’s Fars News Agency. Continue reading


Official registration of urgent UK Parl. bill on protecting Liberty residents

The UK Parliament (House of Commons) officially registered an urgent bill (EDM-1163) calling on the UK government to use its influence and authority as a permanentUnited Nations Security Council member to guarantee protection of Camp Liberty residents against the Iran ian regime’s plots and illegal measures and take urgent necessary action.
This resolution to this day enjoys the support of more than 100 MPs from all English parties, and it has been officially registered in the Parliament’s official website, with support increasing from other MPs.
In this Parliament resolution, presented by Brian Binley from the governing Conservative Party and other prominent MPs, condemned remarks made by Iranian regime judicial officials and the request to extradite members of the PMOI, the main Iranian opposition group.  Camp Liberty residents are ‘protected persons’ under international concern based on the 4th Geneva Convention and any attempt to return them to the country where they will face torture and execution is completely illegal and a flagrant violation of the ‘non-refoulement’ principle, the resolution states.



Meeting of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and Mr. Ahmad Jarba in Paris

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of Iranian Resistance met Mr. Ahmad Jarba, the President of National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces in Paris on May 23, afternoon.During the meeting, Mrs. Rajavi condemned the role of religious fascism ruling Iran in the massacre and suppression of Syrian people and the mullahs’ all out support of Bashar al-Assad dictatorship. Mrs. Rajavi called for the international community’s support of the Free Syrian Army and the National Coalition for Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces as the legitimate representative of Syrian people. Continue reading


Iraqi forces block entry of air conditioning units to Iranian refugee Camp as hot season begins

For the past two weeks, Iraqi forces stationed at Camp Liberty have been blocking the entry of fans and air conditioning units for residents who live in containerized housing units that can reach up to 60C inside in hot summer weather. The residents has purchased the items at their own expense. Continue reading