European Parliament resolution on Iraq and Camp Liberty


The European Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution on human rights violation and political situation in Iraq. In paragraph 14, the resolution expresses the European Parliament’s concern on the human rights and humanitarian conditions of Camp Liberty (Hurriya) where approximately 3000 Iranian refugees are residing. Continue reading


Iraq continues to persecute Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty


Following the suppressive measures carried out by Iraqi forces against Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty past week, on Thursday, February 27, 2014, Iraqi forces again prevented the entrance of T-Walls inside Camp Liberty. These T-Walls were to be installed around the trailers of the residents in order to prevent them from rocket attacks against the camp. Instead, the Iraqi forces used the flatbeds and cranes, which had been rented at the residents’ expense, for their own use and in their own headquarters. Continue reading


Oslo: Call for a Firm Policy on Tehran and Immediate Action to Protect Iranian Exiles in Iraq


OSLO, February 26, 2014 /PRNewswire/ – In two days of conferences in Oslo, Norway, members of the Iranian Diaspora from all the Nordic countries and international dignitaries discussed subjects of interest to them and the world community: Iran’s nuclear ambitions, President Hassan Rouhani’s human rights record, Iran’s meddling in Syria, the status of Iranian refugees in Iraq. Continue reading


Maryam Rajavi speaks at Oslo conference on human rights in Iran


Conference of the Friends of a Free Iran (FOFI) groups in Nordic countries at the Nobel Institute in Oslo

Call for a firm stance and binding decisions against violation of human rights in Iran and urgent action to ensure the safety and security of the residents of Liberty and necessary arrangements to transfer them to Europe and the U.S.

On Monday February 24, in a conference titled “Iran-Human Rights-Western Policy, Urgent Action for Residents of Camp Liberty”, participants called for a firm stance and binding decisions against systematic and flagrant violation of human rights in Iran and urgent action to ensure the safety and security of the residents of Liberty. Continue reading


Can sanctions relief heal Iran’s economy ?


By A. Pakatchi

The second round of talks between Iran and P5+1 has just ended and another series of talks is planned for March. One issue of concern is Iran’s economy and whether sanctions relief can heal the deep wounds of the Iranian regime.

The Iranian regime is now faced with many internal crises, of which one of the most important is the economic crisis. Precisely speaking, Iran’s uncontainable economy can be described as collapsed, paralyzed and bankrupt. Some critics of inside the Iranian regime describe their own economy as being on a free-fall. The serious question that comes up now, is if there is any way out and if Iran can survive this crisis. Continue reading

Camp Liberty sewage crisis

Iraq: Inhumane siege on Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty continues

Camp Liberty sewage crisis
Camp Liberty sewage crisis

Urgent call for immediate action by UN and US.

Since two weeks ago, Iraqi forces are preventing food and medicine purchased by the residents from entering the camp. The loaded perishables will soon rot.

Prevention of entry of supply trucks is for tightening the siege on the residents and imposing more pressure on them.

Also, the Iraqi forces are not allowing Iraqi contracted septic tankers to enter the camp. Yesterday, at least 5 black water tanks inside the camp overflowed, and many other tanks, as a result of being worn out, do not have the capacity to endure such amount of black water and are about to erupt. Hence, the camp is facing a hygienic crisis and the outbreak of epidemic infectious diseases, while the residents are under a strict medical siege by the Iraqi government. Continue reading

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Iraq: Urgent request to save 3000 Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty

Iraq denies food and medicine to Camp Liberty residents, and prevents discharge of camp’s sewage

While massacre in Camp Ashraf and 4 missiles attack to Camp Liberty were not enough to annihilate Iranian dissidents in Iraq, government of Iraq has heightened the inhumane siege on Camp Liberty, home to 3000 Iranian refugees near Baghdad airport. Upon orders of the Iraqi Prime Ministry, since 12 days ago, An Iraqi intelligence officer, Major Ahmed Khozair is preventing foodstuff and medicine from entering the camp. Therefore, the reserves of many essential food items and necessary medicines for the residents are approaching depletion and residents are facing serious problems. Continue reading


Iran 35 years after February 8th revolution

By Abdollah Pakatchi

February 8th, the anniversary of Iranian people’s revolution which toppled the shah has just passed. This event that was aimed to create a brighter society for the Iranian people, was, in fact, hijacked by the Mullahs.

In recent years, the government celebrations have almost been boycotted by the Iranian people. Even scenes of the gathering shown on state TVs reflect the regime’s “bankruptcy”. More than three decades rule of mullahs on Iran has brought nothing for its people, but executions, economic recession and government’s suppression. The regime has named the celebrations as ten days of “Fajr’ – meaning victory- but the people call it ten days of “zajr” which is equivalent to the English word torment. Continue reading

IRGC troops in Syria

Iran Admits Its Involvement in Syria

By Shahriar Kia, originally posted in NewsBlaze

Iran training soldiers to fight Assad?

An Iranian MP has admitted Iran has trained thousands of Syrians to become soldiers and has sent thousands more members of Hezbollah to fight for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

Mahmoud Nabavian, whose remarks were published in the state-run media, said: “We are not paying the price for Syria, but Syria pays the price for us. Continue reading

Iraq Secretly Buries 52 People They Allowed Qods Force To Abduct and Kill

Originally published on NewsBlaze


The government of Iraq not only abducted men and women from the ironically named “Camp Liberty,” they also killed them and then secretly buried them. Responsibility for all of this lies with Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki.

In August last year, there were warning that Iranian Qods Force, collaborating with the puppet Government of Iraq, was preparing for yet another attack on the camp and the people within. Those people, designated as “protected persons,” being under the protection of the United Nations have been abandoned by the United Nations, and the USA. Although they know all about this, the UK and EU have been silent. Continue reading