Iraq: 38 rocket impact point indentified in Camp Liberty housing Iranian opposition


Two other rocket impact points were identified in Camp Liberty on Sunday afternoon (December 29, 2013).

These two locations were visited and registered along with the previous ones by UNAMI observers and the expert Iraqi demolition team.

Hence, the number of rockets that have hit Camp Liberty on December 26, 2013 reaches thirty-eight. Continue reading

Three Iranians wounded in Camp Liberty rocket attack are in critical conditions

More than 50 were wounded in rocket attack on Camp Liberty. Several are in critical conditions.
More than 50 were wounded in rocket attack on Camp Liberty. Several are in critical conditions.

Despite passing of three days since the fourth rocket attack on Camp Liberty, condition of three residents, Hassan Mohammadi, Khossrow Rezai and Yahya Ziyarati, remains critical.

To save their lives and for their recovery, the Iranian Resistance calls on the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the European countries to immediately transfer these three to Europe and emphasizes that the Iranian Resistance assumes all expenses for their transfer, lodging and treatment. Continue reading

International condemnation of 4th missile attack on Camp Liberty

Fourth Missile Attack Against Camp Liberty- Int condemnation- Excerpt 20131228_Page_1

The fourth missile attack by Iraqi forces on Camp Liberty, dating December 26, 2013, in which three residents were killed and 70 injured, has raised worldwide international condemnation. But Maliki’s government has made it clear that it has no inclination to protect the lives of the residents from further attacks and intends to continue the slaughter of Camp Liberty’s residents. Continue reading

MEP: Rockets rain down on 3,000 Iranian refugees in Camp Liberty, Iraq

struan stevenson

Press Release by Struan Stevenson MEP
President, European Parliament’s Delegation for Relations with Iraq

Shame, shame, shame on the politicians in America and Europe who are sitting comfortably at home, enjoying their festive Christmas holiday with their friends and families, while rockets rain down on the 3,000 defenceless refugees in Camp Liberty in Baghdad.

At least three more people have been killed and dozens wounded in the most recent of a series of barbarous and well-planned attacks, orchestrated by the regime of Nouri al-Maliki acting certainly on the instructions of the mullahs in Tehran. Continue reading

Maliki’s down payment to Iran for third term as PM

December 26: Camp Liberty under missile attack by Iraqi forces for the fourth time in 2013
December 26: Camp Liberty under missile attack by Iraqi forces for the fourth time in 2013

“Christmas Massacre in Camp Liberty”

 Attack on Camp Liberty was Maliki’s souvenir to the residents from his Tehran visit to overshadow the hostage-taking and the great crime against humanity at Camp Ashraf, down payment for Maliki’s third term as Prime Minister and Khamenei’s desperate confrontation against the crisis of overthrow

The President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, paid homage to the three distinguished and veteran cadres of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), Mohammad Javad Saleh Tehrani, Mahmoud Bornafar and Abbas Namvar, slain during the attack on Camp Liberty Thursday night and expressed hope for the recovery of 71 residents injured during the “Christmas massacre” at Liberty. Continue reading

Rockets used in attack on Camp Liberty ten times stronger than 107 mm rockets


In the rocket attack that was conducted against Camp Liberty last night, in addition to enhanced 107mm rockets, a different sort of missile was used, which is at least ten times more destructive than 107mm rockets. These rockets are especially crafted for this type of attack, and their destructive power is so intense that it has completely destroyed three-meter-tall TWalls. The pictures are enclosed. Continue reading

Breaking News: 4th rocket attack on Iranian dissidents in Iraq, 3 killed

1510445_1434279693469285_383864434_n bijan-tehrani

The fourth rocket attack on Camp Liberty in Baghdad suburb at 2115 on Thursday Dec. 26, 2013 local time destroyed a dozen of trailers and the infrastructure in Camp Liberty. So far three residents have been confirmed dead. They have been identified as Mohammad Javad Saleh Tehrani, Mahmoud Bornafar and Abbas Namvar. Mahmoud has been disfigured to the extent that identifying him at the beginning was difficult. A number of others have been injured, some in critical condition.   Continue reading