Twice on hunger strike: Interview with Babak Safa

This is an interview with Babak Safa, one of the hunger strikers in Camp Liberty. This is the second time he’s on hunger strike, the first time being in 2009, after the attack of Iraqi forces against Camp Ashraf and the abduction of 36 residents. He has now been on hunger strike for 90 days.

Babak, on hunger strike in Ashraf, 2009
Babak, on hunger strike in Ashraf, 2009

What is your name and where did you live before coming to Ashraf?

My name is Babak Safa and I use to live in Canada with my family before coming to Ashraf. Continue reading

Mailiki’s rep. lies to escape consequences of Sep 1 Camp Ashraf massacre


Maliki’s representative’s ignominious fabrications, escaping consequences of crime against humanity in Ashraf and preparing ground for a greater atrocity
Iranian Resistance’s renewed call for independent investigation by United Nations into the September 1 massacre 
On Tuesday, November 26, Haidar al-Akailli, a member of the so-called Maliki’s investigative committee into the September 1 massacre, in a series of brazen lies attempted to ward off the international abhorrence and escalating condemnations as well as international calls for the release of seven hostages and the bringing to justice of the perpetrators and masterminds of this atrocity and to pave the way for future crimes. Quoting Akailli who belongs to the so-called Ministry of Human Rights of Maliki, Reuters writes: Continue reading

Another one of Camp Liberty hunger strikers transferred to a Baghdad hospital

Yesterday, at 5:30 pm Ms. Zahra Khademi began suffering from severe headaches and convulsion, and she was urgently transferred to the Iraqi clinic in Liberty. During the 45 minutes that she was under the Iraqi physicians’ supervision in the clinic her conditions did not improve and her headaches and convulsion became more severe. Therefore, the physicians sent her as an emergency case to a hospital in Baghdad.

Even time passes in shame

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By Touba Bozorgmehr, hunger striker in Camp Liberty

Today marks the 87th day of our hunger strike here in Camp Liberty and our colleagues in numerous cities across the globe. Although 87 days is a very long time, and the health conditions of many of the hunger strikers are deteriorating, the last issue on our mind is time because we have pledged to continue this path until the release of the seven Ashrafi hostages. Continue reading

Report on 84 days of hunger strike in Camp Liberty

On the verge of thirteenth week of hunger strike many hunger strikers in Camp Liberty are in critical condition.

The hunger strike of PMOI members in Camp Liberty enters its thirteenth week. Release of the seven Ashraf hostages who were taken hostage on September 1 by forces under Maliki’s command is on top of the list of demands of the hunger strikers in Camp Liberty and in other countries.

This video report shows the hunger strikers’ health conditions in Camp Liberty.

85 days of hunger strike in Camp Liberty

On Saturday, November 23, the hunger strike of PMOI members in Camp Liberty enters its thirteenth week. Release of the seven Ashraf hostages who were taken hostage on September 1 by forces under Maliki’s command is on top of the list of demands of the hunger strikers in Camp Liberty and in other countries.

On Friday, November 22, many of the hunger strikers were in serious and critical condition: Continue reading

Turning a blind eye on the truth


The September 1 attack on Ashraf, the murder of 52 people, and the abduction of six others, including six women, has turned into a serious international issue. Unfortunately, due to political motives, the United States is inclined to believe and repeat the ridiculous claims of the Iraqi government pertaining to not having taken part in this crime. On November 13, in the hearing of the US Congress Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr. McGurk – who represented the State Department – said, “In that attack there was no fore knowledge from the highest levels of the Iraqi government.”

Continue reading

Iraqi government denies medical service access to Camp Liberty patients

The criminal intelligence officer Ahmed Khozair who receives his orders from the Iraqi Prime Ministry continues to hamper transfer of patients to hospital. On Sunday, November 17, he prevented transfer of two residents to hospital. These two who are suffering from acute eye ailment had made an appointment with a specialist physician since months ago. Continue reading

A singer’s sacrifice to save innocent lives

A message from well-known Iranian resistance singer Mohammad, who is suffering from critical health conditions after 78 days of being on hunger strike in camp Liberty,  demanding the immediate release of 7 camp Ashraf hostages, abducted by Iraqi forces on September 1. He has already sent a letter to President Obama calling on him to act for the immediate release of the hostages. This is his video message.

Calls for independent inquiry into the massacre and abductions in Ashraf

On November 13, Mr. Brett McGurk, Deputy Assistant Secretary in U.S. State Department, speaking to a congressional hearing in that country stressed: “Following the September 1 attack… we did call for an investigation and for the UN to be involved in this process.” Similarly, previously, the U.S. State Department and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, as well as Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, had reiterated on thorough and impartial probe into the assault on Camp Ashraf. Continue reading