Rouhani and Khamenei

Khamenei: No one has the right to trade ‘nuclear achievements’

Ali Khamenei, the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader said on Wednesday: “None of the nuclear achievements of the country can be given up. No one has the right to trade these achievements and no one will do this.”

He made the remarks in meeting with the director, managers and experts of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. The meeting was held on the occasion of the National Day of Nuclear Technology. Continue reading

Stand Tall With Our Heads High



By Hameed Orayzi

“It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”

Emiliano Zapata

I have been thinking a lot on truly why the Iranian regime – which goes the limits to portray itself as stable and having a certain future – is utterly terrified of its dissidents, especially the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) and Camp Liberty residents in Iraq, to the extent that it sets the limiting of the PMOI as precondition to any relations with all parties, and this regime very openly says it is seeking to literally eradicate each and every member of this opposition, one by one if needed, from the face of the Earth! The regime in Tehran attacks these dissidents through its proxies in Iraq, even direct attacks, and missile barrages. And last but not least, when all else fails, it even resorts to imposing a lethal medical and food blockade to force them to suffer to death. Continue reading

Camp Liberty: A gold fish odyssey

By Abdollah Pakatchi

The adventures of gold fishes going to Camp Liberty to celebrate the Iranian New Year




Once upon a time, there were some gold fish who found themselves in a big glass bowl ready to be shipped.

“Where are we going?” asked one of them.

“Nobody knows,” nagged the other.

“I know,” yelled a little fellow from the end of bowl who heard the dialog. “We are going to Iraq.”

“To Iraq?!! We’re just gold fish, not soldiers!”

“No idiot, we are going to Iraq to Camp Liberty to be with residents celebrating their new year,” answered the little one. Continue reading


Camp Ashraf April 8 massacre, three years later

Today marks the third anniversary of the April 8, 2011 massacre at Camp Ashraf, carried out by the Iraqi government at the behest of the Iranian regime. On the dawn of April 8, a contingent of Iraqi security forces entered Camp Ashraf at the command of Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, and attacked the defenseless residents of the camp. The raid lasted six hours, in which 36 residents – including eight women – were brutally murdered through extensive use of firearms and by being crushed under armored vehicles, and more than 350 others were injured. Continue reading

EU entlastet Unternehmen von Milliarden-Verwaltungskosten

UN must act to help Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty, German politician demands

The United Nations must act to improve the dire humanitarian situation in Camp Liberty, and refuse to make concessions to the Iranian regime until it scraps its nuclear program, an Iranian New Year meeting in Berlin has been told.

Camp Liberty in Iraq houses thousands of Iranian opposition memebers of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) who had been living in Camp Ashraf for decades. Continue reading


European lawmakers speak out in defense of Camp Liberty

MEPs raise awareness on the harsh conditions in Camp Liberty and call on the international community to take action

The crisis in Camp Liberty and the continuous inaction by the international community continues to draw condemnations from human rights organizations and political dignitaries from across the globe. During a session in the European Parliament, Brussels, held on April 3, 2014, while condemning the unprecedented violation of human rights in Iran, members of the European Parliament called for the protection of Camp Liberty residents, members of the Iranian opposition. Continue reading


Abutalebi, the Iranian regime’s diplomat-terrorist to the UN


Following international reaction Rouhani’s appointment of Hamid Abutalebi, former hostage-taker of the U.S. embassy in Tehran in 1979, as the new ambassador of the Iranian regime to UN, the Iranian resistance has issued a new statement, revealing further information about Abutalebi’s role in terrorist activities against Iranian opposition members abroad and the assassination of Mohammad Hossein Naghdi, NCRI’s representative in Italy. Continue reading


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